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Migratory birds in Burundi

The World Migratory Bird Day will be an opportunity for Burundian to learn what migratory birds are and their importance for biodiversity conservation. Different activities will be organized:
- exposition of Migratory birds,
- talks on migratory birds
- birdwatching
- the National Television will report on the day

World Migratory Birds Day 2008

The small fishing village of Parit Jawa in the southern state of Johor has something special - the Lesser Adjutant (about 40), which feed in the mudflats of the estuary. The event will be lead by the Johor Tourism Action Council and will be assisted by the Forestry Dept., Wildlife Dept., Johor State Parks Corporation (PTNJ) and the Malaysian Nature Society, Johor Branch will act as the Secretariat.

The local community of Parit Jawa with the village heads of the nearby villages will also help as well as the Muar City Council.

WMBD 2008 Activities in Cameroon

Television, radio and newspaper interviews on climate change issues, highlighting the global effects of climate change using the results of recent scientific research and report. Experts like some University Dons and officials in the Ministries of the Forestry and Wildlife and Environment and Nature Protection will be invited.

First bird recording in Syria

The event will be the first experience of recording birds in my country. This work will supply very important information about bird migration over Syria and the threats during their flight.

Constant Effort Site or SPOL and STOC in French

These activities take place near our (second) house in France, during about 5 months of the year since 2002. Mainly in March/April; all of May and June as well as September and October; sometimes also in other months of the year.

Observadores de Aves en Buenos Aires - Birdwatching activities in Buenos Aires

Por medio de los Clubes de Observadores de Aves se realizaran actividades de difusión y salidas de observación de aves. Celebrando a las aves migratorias.

The NGO Aves Argentinas is organising birdwatching activities and excursions to promote and celebrate the WMBD 2008.

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratoria - World Migratory Bird Day

Charla sobre las aves migratorias y su importancia como Indicadora de ambientes sanos.
Pelicula: Una historia de Viajeras.
Salida de campo a observar aves en la Reserva Hemisferica para Aves Playeras Migratorias, Costa Atlántica.

Presentation on the importance of migratory birds species and their role as indicators for a healthy environment.
Movie: A history of travellers.
Excursion to bird reserve and observing Atlantic coast shorebirds.

WMBD: Birdwatching and Bird Photography

In conjunction with World Migratory Bird Day on 10th and 11th of May, MNS Miri has invited an uber bird photographer and birdwatching specialist Choo Tse Chien to Miri to lead bird watching trips, present a slideshow and talk as well as dispense tips and general advice on bird photography. We will also go birdwatching and go thru the basics of bird photography at Similajau National Park, Bintulu and Lambir Hills National Park, Miri.

Celebration of Worrld Migratory Bird Day 2010 with Dubai Municipality

A Forum/Seminar will be organized on 10 May 2010 at the Dubai Municipality Club.

In addition, school kids will participate in fun activities on various bird related themes.

A Photo exhibition on Migratory Birds in UAE will also take place in the Municipality main building from 11-13 May 2010. A detailed activity report is under preparation.

"Awareness Raising on World Migatory Bird Day (WMBD) in Cameroon"

"Awareness Raising on World Migatory Bird Day(WMBD) in Cameroon"

Activities for the event include:

-A water birds poster contest for all environmental clubs in the Southwest, West and Northwest Regions;

-A migratory birds poster contest by all students from secondary school through University;

-An essay contest for all students from secondary school to University on “The Ecological Importance Of Birds To Our National Economy”;

-Two bird watching events in Fako Division with a visit to the mangrove forest in Tiko on 9 May 2010;


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