"Illegal Killing of Migratory Birds" Educational Lecture in Dsegh Village, Armenia


For many years Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds NGO (BirdLife in Armenia) has participated in World Migratory Bird Day campaign and has organised various events, such as educational lectures, birdwatching trips, movie presentations and many other activities related to the topic of Migratory Birds.

This year, our team made a decision to organise an Educational Lecture in Nature Visitor Center in Dsegh Village (Lori Province, northern part of Armenia).

Particularly, in current event we plan to involve schoolchildren from several regional villages, located in adjacent to Dsegh Village.

In more details, the Lecture will include:

  • a brief introduction of World Migratory Bird Day as an Annual Global Celebration, its history, goals and past experience;
  • a brief lecture about migratory bird species which are at risk of illegal killing, taking and trade;
  • a role-play discussion (hunters vs. conservationists) among two team groups of children;
  • a quiz, awarding children, who were attentive and devoted to the topic, with some encouraging prizes.

We strongly believe that conservation status of wildlife is directly proportional to the level of knowledge and attitude of children living in rural areas, who will replace the older generation in a couple of years.

This is what motivates our team to do our best in order to achieve maximum results from this Educational Lecture. In this way we ensure the security level of local wildlife in Dsegh and whole Armenia for the future.

TOGETHER, we will make a DIFFERENCE!

2nd Street Building #1
Dsegh Village 40° 57' 36.468" N, 44° 38' 58.0596" E
Start date: 
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 10:30
End date: 
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 17:00