Pink Celebration 2017 (Conference of Birders)

Summer is the time when these beautiful birds perform nuptial display to woo the partner. The nuptial displays of the Lesser Flamingo are different from, those of the Greater Flamingo. Greater Flamingo suddenly expose the bright scarlet parts of the plumage, and the Lesser Flamingo mass together, so that the displaying flock forms a darker red area in the pink matrix of the Chhaya rann. Flamingos’ intense display is likely to be observed at Chhaya rann wetland on Pink Celebration.

Since last four years, Mokarsagar Wetland Conservation Committee ( with local stakeholders and various target groups tries to raise public awareness on flamingos as Pink Celebration at Porbandar, the urban flamingo city. A number of participant rise every year and this year we expect almost 120 participants from all over India. Every year, the event receives positive feedback from the participants, Forest Department, NGOs, conservationists, wildlife photographers and nature lovers of Gujarat.

 The event provides an excellent opportunity to observe courtship dance of Lesser flamingos at Chhaya Wetland of Porbandar. More than 10000 flamingos congregating at one place is a heart rendering experience. Pink Celebration is not merely for enjoying the beauty of nature but henceforth will also stand for the challenges being faced for wetland conservation both by the conservationists as well as the Forest Department. As part of this we have planned a workshop jointly with the Forest Department and GIZ to understand the challenges and opportunities of conservation. This workshop will have conservation experts from various field put forward their views and experiences.

Porbandar City of Gujarat is well known as “Surkhabi Nagri” where Surkhab - the Flamingos are found in abundant in the vicinity of human habitation. Wetlands, in around Porbandar are covered with pink carpet of Flamingos. Each year about 35000 Lesser and about 9000 Greater Flamingos are recorded from wetlands of Porbandar during Asian Waterbird Census. April to June is the courtship time for these birds.  They perform the most stunning and beautiful courtship dance during this period wherein; a tightly packed group of males walk and perform synchronized movements to woo their partners.

As Porbandar hosts a sizable population of flamingos, through Pink Celebration, we commit to increase state level awareness on flamingo and wetland conservation in Gujarat. There are ample of opportunities for sustainable tourism at Porbandar. In near future, we will establish long term goals and Porbandar will be highlighted at international level.



To spread awareness on importance of Flamingo as a wetland flagship species
To educate participants on importance of wetlands
Strengthening and development of knowledge
To highlight unique wetlands of Porbandar for legal protection

Chhaya main road, Swaminarayan English medium school
Porbandar 21° 37' 50.0448" N, 69° 37' 43.1004" E
Start date: 
Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 09:45
End date: 
Sunday, May 28, 2017 - 17:45