Día de las Aves

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The event was scheduled for May 16 or 18. It will be held on May 4 and a few days before mentioned other activities will be carried out on the school campus.

For that week of May we will be doing activities related to birds, their habitats (region where they live on the island) and making of aviaries. We will have videos of how ecosystems have been affected after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Reason for Hope - an event at Rosegg Animal Park

We are celebrating World Migratory Bird Day with an event at Rosegg Animal Park. 

The event program includes info stands, presentations, a guided tour at Northern Bald Ibis aviary, movie screenings, crafts and other activities for children. A talk on reintroduction of Northern Bald Ibis in Europe by Life project and a lecture on bird migration are among other event highlights.

Below, please, find the detailed event program in German:


Reason for Hope – Veranstaltung im Tierpark Rosegg

12. und 13. Mai 2018

United event for the World Migratory Bird Day

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia invited individuals and organizations that love birds to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day in 2017. The celebration will be a joint united event by the Mongolian Bird Watching Club, Mongolian Bird Conservation Center, Gamma Photography Agency, United Association of Mongolian Photographers, and the Ulaanbaatar City Government.


Birds Stories:

On the eve of World Migratory Birds Day Enjoy with Video clips  of Jammu Birds captured by Guldev Raj .

Date:  11 May 2017  Venue: Press Club.  Jammu   Time : 3.20 PM

( Plz reach in Time)

In this programme people will be connected with nature by showing Video Clips .MLC  Sh. Vikram Randhawa ji will be the Chief Guest.

Des visites ecologiques à Waladia, Maroc

Dans le cadre de la Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs et pour le rapprochement entre les écoles et oiseaux le long de la voie de migration de l’Atlantique de l’EST. Le Groupe de Recherche pour la Protection des Oiseaux au Maroc compte d'organiser des visites au profit des écoles au centre d'Information Ecologique à Waladia. Ce centre est géré par notre association.


Durante dos semanas, vistamos a niños en otras escuelas de nuestra ciudad,  entregamos los afiches que nos enviaron de Alemania y hablamos sobre la importancia que tienen las Aves Migratorias para el equilibrio del planeta, mañana haremos una fiesta y  con las máscaras que hicimos, vamos a salir a tratar de observarlas  Estaremos mirando algunos videos, para entender por qué las aves vuelan desde otros continentes, será  un día divertido y esperamos en próximo año para celebrar con gran alegría.

Feathering Heights: A travelogue of coexistence in the wetlands of Northern Greece

Screening of the Documentary "Feathering Heights" produced in the framework of the LIFE+ Project for the Lesser White-fronted Goose conservation ( The event is organised by the Hellenic Ornithological Society/ BirdLife Greece in collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy. 

Sauvons nos oiseaux migrateurs .. Sauvons notre vie sur Terre

L'Association Sauvegarde des Zones Humides du Sud Tunisien : Nous allons célébrer ces journée :

* Une soirée de diffusion de film " le silence des oiseaux" et discussions 

* Un atelier de réflexions sur les dangers du braconnage et de la capture des oiseaux avec les associations d'elevage des oiseaux et les représentant de la DGF

* Une sortie d'observation (Birdwatching)

Giornata Mondiale degli Uccelli Migratori - Scuola Elementare "Barra"

Organizzatore: Sezione LIPU-Salerno - BirdLife intenational

Luogo: Salerno, Scuola Elementare "Barra"



  1.                Proiezione video filmati contro il commercio illegale degli uccelli -Video del CITES-
  2.                Dibattito con i giovani ragazzi della scuola Elementare sul bracconaggio degli uccelli.


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