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Bonn Concert - WMBD 2015

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We invite everyone to join us on 9 May 2015 for the World Migratory Bird Day Benefit Concert! Like migratory birds, music overcomes boundaries and unites people. Following the success of the past two years, the Opera Choir "Chorale Lirica San Rocco" from Bologna has generously offered to raise their voices for the worldwide protection of migratory birds again. The Choir will present “Of Angels and Demons”, a selection of the most famous Italian opera arias.

This year, we would like to raise funds for the conservation of the Siberian Crane. The CMS Secretariat (Bonn Convention) plans to publish a booklet in Central Asian languages to make people aware of the most urgent conservation needs. With an estimated population between 3500 - 4000  birds remaining in the wild worldwide, the species is listed on the Red List of the World Conservation Union IUCN as critically endangered.

The concert will take place at the Kreuzkirche, Bonn at 7:00 pm. Doors open 6:30 pm.


[Location of the Kreuzkirche, Bonn, Germany]
[View Photos from the Concert 2014]

Please help to promote the concert and download the Poster in: [English] [German]
Download the WMBD Benefit Concert Programme  in :[English] [German]

The San Rocco Lyrical Choir

The San Rocco Operatic Choir was founded in 1989 by members of the operatic and cultural circles in Bologna. Directed by Marialuce Monari, the choir has appeared in opera houses in Italy and at international festivals in Paris, Prague, Vienna, Munich and Bonn among other places.

Musical Director: Marialuce Monari
Piano: Francesca Fierro
Soprano: Alessandra Vicinelli

Listen to Music from the Choir

Help Protect the Critically Endangered Siberian Crane

All proceeds from the concert, donations from sponsors and participants in the concert will be given to a project in support of the Siberian Crane (Leucogeranus leucogeranus). With an adult population of an estimated 3500 - 4000 birds, it is the most threatened of the 15 crane species.  As a result, the Siberian Crane has been upgraded to ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List.

Illegal hunting, unsustainable use of water, dams and water diversions, as well as habitat loss and degradation are key threats to the survival of the Siberian Crane. A Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) concerning conservation measures for the Siberian Crane was that was concluded under the auspices of CMS to address these threats.

In effect since 1999 the eleven States and five co-operating organizations that signed the MOU meet regularly in order to review progress made and to agree on priority activities for the implementation of the MOU.

Three conservation plans have been developed to reduce mortality in the remaining populations. A key objective is to protect and manage their habitats and enhance co-operation among the Range States and other concerned agencies.  In addition, the plans for the Western and Central populations strive to increase numbers and genetic diversity.

For more information on the Siberian Crane [Read More]


Donations to help save the Siberian Crane are gratefully accepted and can be made to the following account:

WWF donation account

IBAN: DE06 5502 0500 0222 2222 22
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Subject: CMS – World Migratory Bird Day

Sponsors of the World Migratory Bird Day Concert

The Bonn Convention and AEWA Secretariats would like, with great gratitude, to thank the sponsors of the World Migratory Bird Day Concert without whom the concert would have not been possible.