Blouberg Birding Bash

We will be doing a comprehensive survey of the birds of the reserve and perhaps record a few migratory stragglers.It is a club outing and members will be able to go on various walks and drives with experts and improve their birding skills. We normally also include a bird ringing demonstration where people can get to see some birds in hand. Unfortunately we can only camp the week after the official WMBD weekend as the camp is booked on that week.

World Migratory Bird Day in Armenia

The Young Biologists Association will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day in Armenia. The venue of the event is town of Tsaghkadzor (in Armenian it means "gorge of flowers"), Kotayk province. The WMBD event will be organized during the youth exchange “Uniting Youth for Biodiversity”. More than 40 participants from Armenia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine will participate. The educational seminar and birdwatching will be organized.

WMBD 2014 Mongolia

Before noon we will go birding to UB pond near Ulaanbaatar city, and after that we'll have some presentations to the participants and talks.

More than 50 people will join us including students, professors, workers and bird watchers.

WMBD 2014

Painting contest for children
Lectures for children at several schools
Exposition 28/4 to 11/05
Birdwatching 10-11 may
Publications on local newspapers
Educational activities for children 11may

Lagos Creek Bird Watching

The Lagos Creek Bird Watching event will feature young bird enthusiast from the network of wildlife clubs in Nigeria . They will be exposed to the art of bird watching for tourism and conservation value. Youth participants will also raise awareness within the creek community on the important acne of protecting the migratory bird species

visita guiada de observación de aves silvestres

visita guiada interpretativa de OBSERVACIÓN DE AVES en la única reserva natural urbana de la ciudad de Mar del Plata, en la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Esta Reserva es el lugar de mayor biodiversidad de toda la ciudad y hasta el momento se han registrado más de 170 especies de aves, más del 15% de las especies registradas para todo el país.

Wetlands as the last shelter for migratory birds

Students from the University of Tripoli, Faculty of Science, Zoology Department, Ecology Unit will arrange a field trip to Mallaha wetland in Tripoli. Some activities will be organized such as; birdwatching and lecture on the importance of wetlands as the last shelter for waterbirds.

Gökotta exkursion

Early morning excursion from the visitor center naturum Tåkern, along the wooden foot-bridge to Svanshals udde. We listen to the bird choir and try to spot different species typical for the meadows and reed of lake Tåkern. Can we hear the cuckoo?

Comemorações do Dia Mundial das Aves Migratórias – Rota do Estuário do Tejo

O tema para 2014 será ligado ao tema do turismo e aves migratórias, concentrando-se na observação da vida selvagem e no turismo sustentável como um veículo para a conservação de aves migratórias e seus habitats.
Um dos objetivos deste ano envolve a promoção de produtos turísticos inovadores junto principais rotas migratórias do mundo.
Para as aves, o estuário do Tejo é uma autêntica “estação de serviço” durante as suas passagens migratórias, constituindo um ótimo local de repouso e alimentação.

Promoting Local Communities Protection to Save Migratory Birds

To celebrate WMBD 2014, Biodiversity Society would like to promote the involvement of local communities in protecting migratory birds from poaching. This celebration is consist of:
1. Migratory Birdwatching
2. Campaign Activity
3. Environment Education


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