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Birds Scenery

I can upload lots of birds images what they have done, and thier activities. I can capture all activities of birds.

Wings Over Willapa

Wings Over Willapa is a festival connecting people with birds, art, and nature in celebration of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge held on September 23-26, 2021. This annual celebration includes at least 35 tours, hikes, walks, classes, and presentations. On Friday September 24, the Festival hosts a silent auction and dinner with keynote speaker Rosemary Mosco, a science writer and naturalist who creates Bird and Moon Comics and describes her focus as connecting people with nature.


My longtime wish to watch those flock of Flamingos during Spring and several thousands of migratory birds from Siberia came true this seaon and the feel of watching them moving in groups was splendid experience. The vast flock of several species gatherings at one place and their dense sound made it wonderful. Fortunate to watch Flamingos, Heron, painted stroks, egrets, pelicans, sea gulls, sand pipers, common teal, spoonbills, etc.,. and a lot of host species.


Live from Tulum, Mexico

Come with us on a VIRTUAL BIRDING TOUR on #globalbigday, May 9th 2020 at 7:00am EST. The Colegio de Guías, AMAV and Ave Maya invite you to learn how to identify birds through their songs and calls on this theory focused event. To participate, write to [email protected] and you will receive the link and a video about 10 common birds of the Yucatán peninsula before we go bird watching together virtually. (If you don’t have the video conference app Zoom yet, download it for free on zoom.us)

Global Big Day Querétaro 2020

An online campaign inviting people to watch birds from their windows and gardens. Additionally, we will deliver training videos on how to use eBird and Merlin; and, also we will publish key information regarding migratory birds in Querétaro, México.


An awareness programmes are being organised bu THE HIMALAYAN AVIAN at the bank of Nikki Tawi River (Jammu, Jammu Kashmir, India) in which local people residing near the Tawi River and wetlands to  connect with world of birds, that come to their land to pass a few months in winter. Let us welcome these birds as our guests. An awareness programme will be organised because thousands of migratory birds come here every year.

World Migratory Bird Day

Join us Saturday May 9th, to kick off World Migratory Bird Day 2020. This year's theme is  "Birds Connect Our World".  Our event will be going online this year to respect social distancing requirements.  We will be sharing photos and hearing the stories of birds that you or your neighbours have photographed this spring. We would love you and your family to participate!  We can't wait to see the birds in and around your naturehood!

Birding San Pancho from Home

Join us at the San Pancho Bird Observatory (SPBO) for a virtual birding day. SPBO´s director Luis Morales will be sharing his expertise on birding as well as some specific actions we can all do at home to help birds. Live facebook transmission from @Birding San Pancho

Otter Valley Naturalists' Bird Observations

While social distancing, observing and listing bird species observed.  In some cases also photographing the birds. 

Despite the exceptionally cold weather for May and the self-imposed constraints of COVID-19, several members of the Otter Valley Naturalists participated in this year’s World Migratory Bird Day held Saturday by individually observing and reporting the birds near their homes.  48 species of birds were observed.

            Common Name and Scientific Name


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