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Birding Walk and introduction to Ebird Sitio El Zapotal Guazapa Tours Suchitoto

I will be visiting the El Zapotal community on Wednesday October 28th to train local birding guides to lead tours and to introduce them to the Ebird App and Merlin to record bird species in their area.  This is the beginning of a long-term program of at least two years.


In October 28 we spent about three hours introducing two local guides to ebird

Threats facing migratory species.

Bird migration is one of the great wonders of the natural world. Migration is a huge feat of endurance requiring great strength and stamina. However, today birds face additional threats caused by human activity. Hungry, exhausted birds may arrive at a stopover site, only to find that it has been destroyed by farming or urbanisation. Every year, millions of birds are illegally killed by hunters, or collide with man-made structures such as powerlines. Climate change is causing habitats to shift or disappear.

WMBD 2020 Bird Watching Field Trips

Salem Ornithological Foundation has planned to conduct bird watching field trips in the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern Ghats and the wetlands present in the foothills on 10th and 11th of October 2020. The trip will be led by one our lead birders and educators, Ms Angeline Mano. All necessary COVID-19 precautions issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu will be strictly followed.

LEMSACHENLOK "Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2020"

The Lemsachenlok Society Yaongyimchen, Longleng, Nagaland, India Celebrated the "World Migratory Bird Day" on 10th of October 2020 in Yaongyimchen Village with the young minds of the village. The event started with an introductory note on the importance of safeguarding Migratory birds and its ecological chain by Y. Nuklu Phom, Team Leader, LEMSACHENLOK.

Birdwatching at Barvi Dam, Maharashtra, India

Birdwatching event planned at Barvi Dam, Near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Also we will be writing an article in Maharashtra Times Newspaper about migrants.

Екологічний урок " Всесвітній день мігруючих птахів!", " Мігруючі птахи природного заповідника "Єланецький степ""

  1. Екологічний урок " Всесвітній день мігруючих птахів!" буде проведено 11.10.2020 року для учнів  3 класу Калинівського ЗЗСО . Під час уроку діти будуть спостерігати за птахими.
  2. Екологічний урок "Мігруючи птахи природного заповідника Єланецький степ" буде проведено 12.10.2020 року для учнів 6-7 класів Новоолександрівського ЗЗСО. Під час уроку діти дізнаються про види птахів, які перебувають на території природного заповідника "Єланецький степ", а також які птахи є мігруючими.

Virtual eco-tourist tour in Ghar El Melh

Birdwatching and eco-tourism "go hand in hand" and when migratory birds are "on the menu" it becomes really interesting. Let us take you for an eco-tourism tour organized by the Association "Les Amis des Oiseaux" (AAO/BirdLife in Tunisia) and its local partners within the framework of the GEMWET project in Ghar El Melh.

Sebkhet Sejoumi Virtual Migratory Bird Race

Staff and members of Association "Les Amis des Oiseaux" (AAO/BirdLife in Tunisia) love birds and love to see as many of them as possible and ideally many differents species. Sebkhet Sejoumi is exactly the urban wetland that allows you to see many migratory (water) bird species in one place. On the 17th of October a small team of AAO/BirdLife in Tunisia field observers will share with you virtually what they see during a half day survey visit in this Ramsar wetland.

AFLÝST - CANCELED Alþjóðlegi farfugladagurinn - að hausti

Vegna samkomutakmarkana við 20 manns sjáum við okkur ekki annað fært en að aflýsa þessum fyrirhugaða viðburði. Vonandi tekst okkur að taka upp þráðinn. – Farið varlega.

Alþjóðlegi farfugladagurinn að hausti er þann 10. október. Af því tilefni efnir Fuglavernd til fuglaskoðunar við Bakkatjörn á Seltjarnarnesi.
Við hittumst á bílastæðinu við Gróttu og brottför þaðan verður kl. 10.00 laugardaginn 10. október.
Til leiðsagnar verður Trausti Gunnarsson, stjórnarmaður Fuglaverndar og leiðsögumaður.

Gli Stagni del Sinis, storie di antiche e nuove rotte

The Sinis area has been, since long time ago, a crucial area for migration routes not only for birds but also for us. We'll be going on an excursion through an important archeologic area and observe the biodiveristy in the area to analyze which species are crossing the sardinian wetlands in the season and explain to visitors the particularities and curiositis about the birds that live or pass through western Sardinia.


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