Aves banhado na Colônia

Observação das aves na área de banhado da Colônia. Local frequentado por aves migratórias. Os observadores de aves farão o percurso a pé em uma zona rural, contribuindo com o levantamento das aves que frequentam áreas alagadas utilizadas no cultivo de arroz, brejos e o Rio Piagui.

Water and Birds: An Interpretive and Educational Event in Observance of World Migratory Bird Day

Come on down and join us Saturday May 13th, 2023 for a fun filled day of activities! Meet at the Yaquina Bay Estuary Trail, Newport Oregon - meet in front of yellow submarine at Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center - for an hour long ranger-led bird walk from 11am - 12pm to learn how to identify seabirds and shorebirds that rest on estuaries, mudflats, and salt marshes during their migration journey. Recommended to download and create accounts for Merlin Bird ID and Audubon free mobile apps on your personal device!

Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day

Members of FALCON (Fraternity for Avian Life Conservation) shall organise a Bird Camp at Kitam Bird Sanctuary and count the birds and upload the checklist in e-bird

Watching migratory birds in the Rift Valley and at the King Talal Dam

1) A birding trip is being organised for Jordan BirdWatch members and nature enthusiasts on 12-13th May 2023, we will spend two days and camp in the Rift Valley

2) As part of its education activities, Jordan BirdWatch is organizing birding trips for school children on 14-18th May 2023 at the King Talal Dam. We expect to observe late migrants like Honey Buzzards in addition to resident and summer - visiting species. 

FREE Guided Urban Bird Walk - Downtown Providence, RI

Come celebrate World Migratory Bird Day with us!

Join naturalists from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and the Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership for a free GUIDED BIRD WALK in Providence on Saturday, May 13 at 9:15-10:15 am. This walk is hosted in partnership with the National Parks Service and one of their Rangers will be joining us. 

Birdwatching Workshop for Kids

At a small but very diverse wetland in the Algarve, Portugal called Alagoas Brancas (it is a hotspot on eBird) we will introduce children from about 5 to 10 years to birdwatching. We will talk to them about migration of birds and why water is so important. We will do activities to get them involved: such as actual birdwatching,  journaling their observations in a prepared journal that we will hand out before we set off, playing games, singing songs and doing a creative project that the children can take home.

Bird count at Tram Chim national park

Tram Chim national park is the only one flyway network site of Vietnam. We organise waterbirds count at Tram Chim national park from April 9 to May 13 by volunteers and taking children to the field for birdwatch training. We will help them learn how to use binoculars, telescoope as well as how to identify bird, count and making records on eBird.



25/03: Birding in Parque Paraiso

Not a lot of people this time in Parque Paraiso. It was a lovely day though. 

10/02: Birding in Pumapungo

On Feb 10th, we went in the Pumapungo museum gardens to see the birds there. We were 7-8 persons, it was a nice afternoon.
We talked about the migrant birds and gave some goodies to the participants.

07/01: Birding in Parque Ictocruz

On Jan. 7th, we organized a PAU birdwatching session in parque Ictocruz. Only one person came, but he was amazed by the birds :) 
PAU is an association to help citizens to know more about birds and nature around them.


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