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Educational Activity

Avistamiento de aves Cañón del Combeima

Salida de Observación de aves, para ver grupos de Aguilas Cuaresmeras (Buteos) Migratorios, que por esta época están de regreso al norte del continente. Estaremos convocando a niños, jóvenes y demás interesados en esta actividad.


Special postal cancellation with the BEKASSINE - migratory Bird of the year 2013 in Germany and NABU special presentation

La Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs en Guinée

La Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs va consister à organiser une conférence à l’université de Sonfonia afin d’expliquer, aux étudiants, le thème de cette année et les possibilités de création d’emplois liées à la conservation de la Biodiversité en général et les Oiseaux Migrateurs en particulier. Des flyers ont été distribués dans plusieurs universités de la capitale telles que les Universités Gamal Adbel Nasser, Koffi Annan, UNC … Il est prévu aussi du Birdwatching avec des enfants d’écoles primaires et quelques universitaires.

Pabellón Puertorriqueño de las Aves

Each year I present in the school library my private collection of birds. Those birds are made by the best artist in Puerto Rico. I use the collection for seminars and exhibitions around the Island. Last year I send to you many pictures of the event. As always is a wonderful presentation that we combined with a walking observation tour. If you check in your files you will see many pictures of the last year. Thanks a lot for being part of the wonderful world. Regards, Adolfo.


The activities will include Birdwatching with WABSA students Speech by Gambia Tourism Board/AEWA focal point The Gambia and WABSA CMB project achievement Radio Talk Show at West Coast Radio FM at 92.1 FM at 9.00 ( o'Clock in the morning to 10 O'clock

Bird Watching and Awareness Raising Programme Through Local Community

Bird watching, Annual Census of Migratory Bird, Training on Bird Watching and Data Analysis, SMART Patrolling Training, Education Program, Exhibitions, Ecotourism Management and Ecourtour Guide Training for Local Community.

Cranes of the World

Come join ICF for fun activities celebrating the annual World Migratory Bird Day. It is a perfect opportunity to come to our location 5 miles north of Baraboo to learn why and how Cranes have made a difference in our world.

World Migratory Soaring Birds Day

Bird Watching in IBA in Palestine+ a Workshop to relate the MSB with Tourism

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

Since 2008 until now, consistent with other fons all over the world, Department of Environment of Hormozgan Province has celebrated Migratory Bird Day by implementing programs such as training workshops, birdwatching for students, drawing and painting competition for kids, publishing brochures and posters and media reports. Accoring to the WMBD 2014 Theme, On May 14, Doe of hormozgan province cooprated with Mashq-e-Afarinesh NGO-Training Company held a training workshop in DOE of Hormozgan Provincial Office for ecotour guides.


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