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Educational Activity

Wolrd Migratory Bird Day

The event started with a nature walk to Lake Munyanyange where 12 Afro-tropical and 5 Palearctic migrants were recorded. This was followed by an exercise dubbed “Keep Katwe Clean” which aimed at raising awareness on solid waste management as a means of maintaining the integrity sites of migratory birds.
Lakes Munyanyange and Katwe, found in Katwe town council are bird migration stopovers in Uganda and present a unique opportunity to watch different migratory birds such as the Lesser Flamingo, Lesser-black-backed Gulls and Pied Avocets among others.

World Migratory Bird Day

1. Translation of the WMBD poster to Persian Language
2. Distribute mentioned poster to all provincial Offices
3. Post several materials on the Department's website
4. Sending several reports to the national and local media

Primer Festival de Las aves en la Reserva de la Biosfera LosTuxtlas

La Reserva de la Biosfera de Los Tuxtlas es una areaatural Protegida la cual mantiene una gran riqueza avifaunistica albergando a más de 500 especies de aves con una proporción del 40% de especies migratorias de Norteamérica.

Dia Mundial Aves Migradoras

Environmental education activities, ornithological trails, kite workshops, etc.

World Migratory Birds Day at Parco Natura Viva - Launch of a LIFE+ Project about Northern Bald Ibis

At Saturday evening we organize a "Sunset Walking" for the visitors of the Park (booking necessary). The event is about "mothers": those of the cubs in the Park and the "adoptive mothers" of Northern Bald Ibis of the EU Life+ Project "Reason for Hope - The Reintroduction of Northern Bald Ibis in Europe" of the Waldrappteam. These human mothers grow chicks of Ibis and then migrate with them from Austria to Tuscany in Italy.


- conférence de presse
- visite de terrain
- découverte pour les écoles
- exposition

Urban Birdwatching at Guwahati

This is an attempt to spot and chart the Avifauna in and around the city of Guwahati, Assam, India.Surveys will be organized by our NGO involving students from schools and colleges.


Martes 13 de Mayo de 2014, estudiantes de 1ero. 2do. y 3er. Año de Bachillerato del Colegio San Lorenzo participaran en un periódico Mural, donde plasmaran imágenes con mensajes alusivos al Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias.
Participaran cinco estudiantes por cada año de bachillerato, en total 15 estudiantes.

Aves migratorias y turismo

Charla sobre aves migratorias y salida de observación de aves


Conférence de presse
Découverte de l'oiseau par les écoles
Visite de site


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