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Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival

The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival was established in 1990 by the United States Forest Service. Beginning as a two-day workshop, the festival emphasized research networking. The Copper River Delta Shorebird Unit, comprised of participating researchers, became part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN), a coalition of more than 240 organizations in North and South America whose mission is shorebird conservation.

Ptasi Piknik Naukowy / Bird Science Picnic

W roku 2014 Akcja Bałtycka zaprasza w dniach 10-11 maja na Ptasi Piknik Naukowy na plaży Półwyspie Helskim, przed miejscowością Kuźnica, przy wejściu na plażę nr 29. Organizatorem wydarzenia jest Fundacja Akcja Bałtycka.

Festival de las Aves

Celebración del Día de las Aves con los Niños y Niñas de la Región del Piedemonte Costero. Las Actividades se realizaran en la Reserva Natural Río Ñambí, una de los sitios con mayor concentración de aves amenazadas (12 especies)en Colombia según BirdLife.

Turkey Bird Watcher Conference

16th Turkey Bird Watchers Conference will convene on 9-10-11 May 2014 with the participation of birders, nature conservation activists and all those interested in birdwatching, flyways and nature conservation in Istanbul and across Turkey. The conference, which coincides with World Migratory Birds Day on 10 May 2014, involves a series of technical presentations along with bird watching activities as well as social activities such as a concert and games for children. Participation of representatives of BirdLife partners are also expected.

Festival de las Aves de Cáceres

El valor patrimonial de la Ciudad Monumental de Cáceres es bien conocido por su declaración como Tercer Conjunto Monumental de Europa y como Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

Su riqueza arquitectónica ha eclipsado durante mucho tiempo el valor ambiental que confiere a la ciudad la confluencia de tres Zonas de Especial Protección para las Aves (ZEPA) en el municipio: Llanos de Cáceres y Sierra de Fuentes, Sierra de San Pedro y Colonia de Cernícalo Primilla de la Ciudad Monumental de Cáceres, lugar donde se concentran especialmente las actividades de este Festival.

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

One of BirdLife Botswana’s strategic objectives is to create an interest in wildlife conservation (particularly of birds) among children and youth. Once a year over the last four years, BirdLife has organised World Migratory Bird Day celebrations where children from schools and a number of institutions with disadvantaged children take part (e.g. www.birdlife.org/community/2012/06/this-years-wmbd-celebrations-in-botsw...).

Vancouver Bird Week 2014

Bird Week is a week-long series of events to celebrate Vancouver's birds. Bird Week will kick off with an official proclamation and walk at the Vancouver Park Board administration office, 2099 Beach Avenue. Throughout the week, there will be artists’ workshops for kids and families, closing with a series of walks in Vancouver parks to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.

Skaw Bird Festival

Skagen (or the Skaw) - at the very top of Denmark - is famous as the best spot in Northern Europe for observing bird migration in spring. Birds travelling from their winter quarters to breeding sites in Scandinavia and northern Russia pass this way. The season lasts from March to June, and hundreds of birders, including visitors from other countries, come here to enjoy the experience.

flyway destination: Migratory Birds and Tourism

The event, which is supported by the migratory Soaring bird Project, will take two days: The first day is bird watching at the Sunot Bird Protected Area, which lies in the White Nile in the Khartoum State. The bird watching will be carried out early in the morning around 7:00 am. Stake holders will be informed about the types of migratory birds, the role they play in maintaining ecosystems and controlling pest, their recreational and economical values. Emphasis will be placed on the Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) contests will be arranged among the stakeholders to identify the MSB.


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