World Migratory Bird Day at Volo Bog State Natural Area

The theme for this year's World Migratory Bird Day is WATER-Sustaining Bird Life. Visit over twenty activity stations to get your passport stamped as you learn more about birds. Stamps earn prizes - more stamps = more prizes, including the ever-popular plush bird that signs its song when squeezed. Bird passports will be available to all chlidren, as well as unaccompanied adults (w/o children).

Ruthven Park For the Birds Festival

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at Ruthven Park with our annual For the Birds Festival! Learn the basics of identifying birds in the field and become a certified citizen scientist. Experience science in action through bird banding demonstrations and get up close and personal with their spring migration. Enjoy a raptor show with the birds of prey from Wild Ontario. Wander through our Vendor Alley and peruse goods from local businesses. $20 per car. Build memories that will last a lifetime! All ages are welcome!

Family Fun Day/Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival

Calling all families with fledglings ages 3 and up! Join us for this family day of fun on the Livery Lawn in Point Reyes Station.

6° Festival de las aves de Oaxaca

Como parte de la celebración de 6° Festival de las aves de Oaxava se dará un taller del DMAM y el lema del año 

14° Festival de las aves Isla Cozumel


Del 5 al 9 de octubre se llevo acabo el Festival de las aves isla Cozumel , donde se compartio de la celebración del DMAM. Algo a resaltar es que durante este festival 

Cozumel fue la primer ciudad en latinoamerica en ser nombrada Ciudad de las Aves. En el evento el staff de EFTA tuvo la oportunidad de participar en diversas actividades asi como en la impartición de talleres educativos. 

Migratory Birdwatching - ProAves

ProAves will be hosting a Birdwatching activity for the local community to increase awarness and share how individuals, communities, and governments can take to reduce the impact of light pollution.

Yellow-eared Parrot and Migratory Bird Festival - ProAves

ProAves will hold the Yellow-eared Parrot and Migratory Bird Festival at Jardín, Antioquia. Some of the activities will be an academic forum, educational activities at the central park and a bridwarching field trip. 

World Migratory Bird Day at Anori Biodiversity Festival

ProAves will be celebrating the World Migratory Bird Day at Anori Biodiversity Festival. We will be providing information on the migratory species and actions that individuals, communities, and governments can take to reduce the impact of light pollution on them. There will be some educational activities for people of all ages including bird coloring, reading stories, a message bird mobile board among others. 

Celabration of the World Migratory Bird Day - ProAves

ProAves will celebrate among all Falan comunity the World Migratory Bird Day. We will be making an artistic mural with some migratory species, a workshop of cardboard masks with kids and other activities to increase awarness. 


WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY 2022 CAMPAIGN by GREEN CARE SOCIETY INDIA on IMPACTS OF LIGHT POLLUTION FOR BIRDS from 08 - 22 October 2022 through online and offline conferences, webinars, competitions, awerness and awards. Dr. VISHWANATH PANIGRAHI, Founder & President, Green Care Society India. Mr. AMUJURI BISWANATH, Director & COO, Green Care Society India.


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