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Branta Fest San Quintín 2019 / Brant Fest San Quintín 2019

During the two last weekends of january and first weekend of February, the San Quintín Botanical Garden, the Bird watchers of San Quintín Valley, and UMA Los Volcanes will be helding diferent activities about the migratory birds and the importance of San Quintín Bay for them. Some activities will be: second citizen black brant count, talks about birds in the schools, birds watching trips in boats and by foot, movies.  

3er. Festival de las Aves Cancún 2018 "Volando por la Península"


Unete a este 3er. Festival y celebremos juntos a las Aves. Vamos a conocer a nuestras aves residentes y migratorias, sus colores, cantos y formas. La importancia de Península de Yucatán para las aves, y como podemos ayudar a conservarlas. 




1er. Festival Infantil de las Aves en Maya Ka’an. En el marco del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias

Maya Ka'an el nuevo desitno de la zona maya de Quintana Roo

Organiza el 1er Festival infantil de las aves. 

Invitamos a observadores de aves en especial de los Grupos de niños de las comunidades de Maya Ka'an (Tihosuco, Punta Allen , Kanemó y Señor) que participan en programas de educaciónn ambiental. 

Se realizarán actividades didácticas, como juegos de salón, elaboración de máscaras, juegos de mesa, música etc. que promuevan la conservación de las aves (con énfasis en las aves migratorias) y sus hábitats, dirigidas a los niños. 


Festival de Aves Migratorias- Saltillo, Coahuila

A festival about migratory birds so that people can get to know them. There will be dances, informative talks, sale of handicrafts allusive to migratory birds, all organized by the Museum of the Birds of Mexico in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.
We expect the assistance of 300-400 people. All artistic and educational activities will be free. There will be activities for children and adults.


Wings over Willapa Festival

The first annual Wings over Willapa Festival will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2018.  There are 10 field trips planned including a kayak trip, pelagic trip, barge trip to Long Island, Ilwaco Harbor trip, Birding 101 trip, Birding by Bike trip, Cape Disappointment trip, Shorebird trip to Leadbetter, Wildlife Tracking/birding trip and an Oyster growers Willapa Bay boating trip.  There will also be presentations on shorebirds, birding 101, photography, raptors, citizen science including ebird and iNaturalist as well as numerous art workshops including activities for kids.  The headquarte

Meadowlark Nature Festival by the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance

Showcasing the best of the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys’ natural environments, Meadowlark Festival is the flagship public event presented by the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance (OSCA). This year the festival offers 78 tours including hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, geology tours, astronomy events, children`s programs, film screenings, art exhibitions, Aboriginal events, and photography, painting and writing workshops.

Swift Night Out at Allan Gardens

Join us to learn more about the Chimney Swift and witness the amazing spectacle of hundreds of swifts diving into a chimney to roost overnight. We will meet at Allan Gardens at 7:30 pm for coffee/tea, treats, and a short talk on swifts. We will then take a 15 minute walk over to Moss Park to watch the swifts spiral into the Moss Park Armoury chimney shortly after sunset. Rain or shine. Hope to see you there, register for the event at the link below:

Gettysburg WMBD at Gettysburg National Military Park

On May 12, at the height of spring migration before tree canopies are in full leaf, SMAS marked World Migratory Bird Day with its tradition of birding around Spangler's Spring on Gettysburg National Military Park. During the first half-hour, chapter members saw more than 25 species - and I picked up three bits of information. At the close of the count, all those eyes had seen 65 species, including 13 kinds of warblers. One of the joys of birding is that there always is more to see and learn.


World Migratory Bird Day at Jenkinson's Aquarium

Today focuses on one of the most important and spectacular events in the life of a migratory bird - its journey between its summer and winter homes. Join us for crafts and activities that celebrate this amazing feat!


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