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DMAM: taller Detective de las Aves (Aves de mi Mundo)

En este taller se formará a dos grupos de docentes, líderes ambientales y líderes comunitarios sobre el día mundial de las aves migratorias, para que estos puedan realizar esta actividad en sus lugares.

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias, San Juan Norte Poás

Protege a las Aves:
¡Sé la solución a la contaminación por plástico!

El Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias 2019 se centra en el impacto del plástico en las aves. En todo el mundo diferentes organizaciones ofreceremos programas educativos, eventos y festivales.

Actividades a realizarse:

  • Dibujo y pintura de aves
  • Taller de observación de aves
  • Caminata guiada
  • Charla sobre ciencia participativa

Traer alimentación propia, bebidas para hidratarse, bloqueador y ropa adecuada para la caminata.

5° Festival de las Aves Aguascalientes

Se realizara observación de aves, talleres, exposición de arte, conferencias y más 

4° Festival de las Aves de Cancún

Se realizaran actividades recreativas, educativas, observación de aves y una limpieza

Big Foot Forward Festival

Don't Stand By Stand UP and Put your Bigfoot Forward and help us Save our Eagleby Wetlands where we are hosting an exciting and fun-filled open day to celebrate World Migratory Birds Day on: 12th October at Olivers Sports Grounds from 11am.There will be a huge variety of stalls and activities for the whole family including BigFoot's WILDTRIBE guided walks, bandslikeMayan Fox and LIVE  music on stage, bush poetry ,our Locally famous Ukelade Band, children’s activities, art exhibitions, Indigenous cultural activities and see important Scar Trees( centuries old), drinks for adults,birding,beer

Festival de Aves Marcala 2019 (Marcala Birding Festival 2019)

Del 15 al 17 de noviembre se llevará a cabo el Festival de Aves Marcala 2019. Marcala se ubica en una de las regiones cafetaleras mas importantes de Honduras. Los cafetales de Honduras son un hábitat importante para muchas especies de aves, tanto residentes como migratorias. De hecho, muchas especies de aves migratorias visitan durante el invierno fincas de café con árboles de sombra y los bosques aledaños. El festival quiere resaltar la importancia de contar con hábitats saludables para el bienestar de las aves y los humanos.

Talking face to face with pepole near Zayanderud river

On May 11th, some members of AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society, in collaboration with cultural department of Nazhvan Forest Park, went among people in this park to introduce this day and talk face to face with them about this year’s theme: “Protect Birds: Be The Solution To Plastic Pollution”. Taking photos of people while holding the day’s poster, our members listened to people’s solutions and suggestions and talked to them about harms of plastic for nature and birds in particular.

Public Birdwatching near ZayandehRud river

On 10th of May, AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society led a group of 12 birdwatching and environmentalist enthusiasts. On this 3-hour tour that lasted from 8 am to 11am, participants got to watch the birds on eastern bank of Zayenderud river at Bagh-e-Javan Park in Esfahan. Luckily, due to the flowing water and mild weather condition, around 20 bird species were observed and identified. Following is the list of observed birds:
Little bittern 
Night heron
Eurasian golden oriole
Little egret
Cattle egret
Willow warbler
Hooded crow

Bird Week Take-off Celebration!

Let’s kick off Vancouver Bird Week with a celebration of our local birds! Bringing together bird enthusiasts and the bird-curious, visitors can create bird-themed crafts, learn how to spot common backyard birds, and take some Instagram-worthy shots with our feathery photo wall.

Anniversary of the establishment of the birdwatching association of Khorasan

In this program we will unveil the logo of assosiation, and explain our yearly activites such as birdwatching tours, new records for our region and will have some lectures about birdwatching and plastic pollution threats.


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