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“Protect the water points in the gobi region for migratory birds”

Name of the organizer is Mongolian Bird Conservation Center (MBCC), one of the main strengths of our organization is the extensive experience in multi-faceted bird research that is possessed by our scientists and researchers. We have been organizing WMBD since 2015 in the cities. This year we are planning to organize the event through local kids and the people at Khanbogd soum, South Gobi in early May. This soum (village) locates in 700km to south from Ulaanbaatar. The gobi is important region for many migratory water birds during their migration seasons and the conservation of the water points and small bushy areas in this region is very vital to understand for local people! There is also large coper mining company activiely works in the region and still influencing the local and migratory bird’s life. One of the main proposes to organize the event in the region is to explain for local people that why we must protect the water points in the gobi and how it is important for migratory water birds. Because, Khanbogd soum has been one of the well-known places for many different species of migratory birds and over 220 species of birds have been recorded by ornithlogists. But, water points such as springs and ponds are very sensitive due to livestock and human density during the summer time. Therefore, knowledge of local people about the water points and migratory bird conservation is vital.  

We are planning to organize the following activities during the event:

1. Two presentations on migratory bird conservation for 200 school kids: It includes several topics on migratory birds, how birds use the water points in the gobi region, what is a stopover site and why it is important for birds, how we help for migratory birds, understaunding on local breeding birds, why plastic pollution is problem for wildlife especially for birds, how we can prevent from the plastic pollution etc..
2. To organize the contest among the school classes: “Who can make a smart product using plastic rubbish which is useful for wildlife particularly for birds life” etc. For example: bird feeder, school furniture etc…
3. Field bird watching trip: we will take Eco club students to the field activities and visit to the few springs and the ponds in the gobi desert to watch the migratory waders including many shore bird species that use the water points as stopover during the migration, we will also clean the ponds and the springs and collect the plastic and other rubbishes around the springs and ponds during the field trips, and also visit to the Elm trees and show them breeding migratory raptors. 

Umnugovi province, Khanbogd soum 42° 43' 6.6396" N, 104° 40' 39.8424" E
Start date: 
Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 16:00
End date: 
Friday, May 3, 2019 - 18:00
Mongolian bird conservation center
www.mbcc.mn; www.schoollinksprogramme.org;