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Birdwatching in the Tehran Police Park , Iran

On the occasion of World Migratory Birds Day, I have arranged a bird-watching program in Tehran's Police Park to emphasize the importance of protecting birds.   I informed this program via the virtual media and a number of enthusiasts were invited to attend the birdwatching on Thursday 9 May 2019.

I explained the bird-watching activity and said to the group how we can make this enjoyable fun in our daily life for more seeing the beauties of nature. We were able to see Common Rosefinch which is new record and very attractive for group and a flock of Gray Heron was flying over the park.

We discussed the negative impact of plastics on the lives of birds and mentioned the less use of it in our everyday lives in order to protect the environment and birds.

I try to attract public attention to the importance of bird life by holding such programs and training, and I hope that the number of interested people will increase in the future.

Esteqlal Blvd Tehranpars
Tehran 35° 45' 29.7036" N, 51° 32' 30.246" E
Start date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 06:00
End date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 11:15
https://www.instagram.com/sheri_shikra/, https://ebird.org/profile/NTUwNjQ3/IR