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Eilat Plastic Cleanup

08:30 -13:00    "World Migratory Bird Day", The impact of plastic on seabirds and marine life. Join us for an educational awareness raising event implemented by the IBRCE and SPNI in cooperation with Environment for the Americas and the Municipality of Eilat. We will start in the bird park and after a short introduction to the problem by Susan Bonfield we will do a cleanup walk towards the north beach of Eilat, concluding our event with a beach cleanup.​

The goal is to increase the awareness of the damage caused by plastic pollution to seabirds and other marine life. In the long run we hope to reduce the volume of plastic used around the shores of Eilat, by changing the behavior of the public and local businesses and also lobbying for new regulations that deal with the source of plastic found on the beach and its surroundings (Restaurants, Businesses, the port, the navy, Oil Company

8:30    Gathering at Eilat Bird Sanctuary – Introductions, a short lecture includes the trailer of the film Albatross, preparations.

10:00    Cleanup walk from the bird sanctuary to the Red Sea beach, collecting plastics and other garbage. On the way – expert guiding stations by international and local organizations. Underwater cleanup will take place as well by the Guardians of the bay and the diving schools.​

12:00    Closing event at the beach – Summary, sorting and separating the collected garbage.

13:00    End of World Migratory Bird Day event

The International Bird Observatory Conference launches with a plastic cleanup. 


Yitzhak Rabin
Eilat 29° 34' 28.632" N, 34° 58' 17.0796" E
Start date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 08:30
End date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 14:00