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Promotion of Birding Tours - Sitio El Zapotal community

The local birding tour guides of El Zapotal community are making a promotion via Facebook Live of birding tours for Salvadoreans. Some members and tour guides of the community board are inviting tourists to visit the area to take birding tours and hear about the importance of birds and the conservation of bird  habitats.

The community was founded by ex-guerrilla combatants who participated in the El Salvador Civil War of 1980, they have been running different educational and enviromental  programs and were pioneers with rural tourism in the municipality of Suchitoto, Now the children of the ex-guerrillas are making a follow up of the programs their parents started many years ago in 1992 when the war finished with a peace treaty.

I am a Salvadorean tour guide who was introduced to birding in 2009. Since then, I started training local birding guides in rural communities near IBAS and National Parks. We started working together with training on bird identification back in 2012. You can find them on  Facebook as Guazapa Tours and Instagram as guazapatourssv, My Facebook  fanpage is Birding in El Salvador with Benjamin Rivera.

If you want to go Birding with a purpose, come to El Salvador and take a tour with the first generation of birding tour guides of rural communities of El Salvador.

Comunidad Sitio El Zapotal
Suchitoto 13° 56' 57.93" N, 89° 4' 23.304" W
Start date: 
Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 12:00
End date: 
Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 15:00
Guazapa Tours, Birding in El Salvador with Benjamin Rivera