Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day through public awareness activity, educational activity and birdwatching program

A less-known and less-explored river-adjacent land in between Kushtia and Pabna district, Bangladesh homes over 170 bird species as recorded until now, including over 15 threatened/neat-threatened species. Among the migratory species, Anatidae, for example, include Common pochard, Ferruginous duck; Ciconiiformes include Painted stork, Black-headed ibis; Accipitridae include Eastern imperial eagle; passerines include Black-headed bunting, Red-headed bunting. Resident species include Bristled grassbird, River tern. There is one record of Black-tailed godwit and is a potential habitat for the critically endangered Yellow-breasted bunting.

Located in a remote area, the place is mostly visited by farmers, fishers, grass-cutters, and boatmen. As the number of people accessing the habitats increases and due to lack of awareness, birds are becoming increasingly at risk. Harmful practices are causing threats; hunting events and trapping birds by both adults and youth have become more frequent.


Our objectives:

1) To inform local school students and teachers about migratory birds and the importance of conservation

2) To build awareness among local people about migratory birds and the importance of conservation, and inform them of laws against hunting

3) To introduce and engage local young people in migratory bird observation



On this migratory bird day, we aim to:


1) Educate local school students and teachers: In a local school, a program with participation of students and teachers will be arranged. Forest department officials will be invited.

Venue: The Old Kushtia High School, Horipur, Kushtia

The program will include:

· Educative talks using visual presentations

· Games to teach students about migratory birds and their migration journey

· Quiz to teach students to identify local migratory birds

· Demonstration of birds found in the local area

· Gifts (pamphlets on local migratory birds, notebooks with migratory bird day theme, and pens) and snacks for all students

· Gift (photo-frame containing local migratory bird photo) for school authority and highlighting the school program in local and online newspapers and social media.

The materials will be prepared in Bengali language.


2) Introduce local students to birdwatching:

School students will be invited to a birdwatching program to observe riverine winter migrants.

Venue: Padma River along Kushtia


3) Build awareness among the local people: A discussion program will be arranged with the participation of local fishermen, cultivators, boatmen, and grass-cutters who access the habitats for livelihood.

Venue: A local boat-landing point, Padma river, Pabna

The program will include:

Discussion on migratory birds, importance of protecting the river, waterbodies, and grass patches as migratory bird habitats, and laws against hunting
Distributing T-shirts containing migratory bird conservation message and snacks among participants.

Local decision makers will be invited in the program.

Additionally, 2 signboards will be set up with the help of local people. The signboards will contain information on the importance of conserving migratory birds and laws against hunting. The signboards will be set up in two locations: 1) A landing-place of local boats, Padma river bank; 2) Adjacent to Kalirkol waterbody, an important wintering ground


We believe the event will be significant for the conservation of the migratory birds of the place since it targets the gaps that needs to be filled up, through positively influencing the local young peope as well as the people who directly access and impact the habitat.

Kushtia 23° 56' 12.5988" N, 89° 7' 55.4124" E
Start date: 
Friday, October 7, 2022 - 13:30
End date: 
Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 15:30