Celebrating World Migration Bird Day in Kenya

Various Site Support Groups will be participating in the various activities aacross the country to mark/celebrate the WMBD.

Birdwatch with our silent electric powered boat in beautiful Asese Bay.

THE Birdwatching Experience you should not miss! 3hours, U$75/boat (up to 4 clients), includes transport from Granada, local islander guide (Spanish speaking), silent electric powered boat, binoculars & bird’s list. Price does not include the local 15% sales tax. Bilingual guide also available for US$35/boat. Everyday of the week is available, with previous booking. Best time to go: 6am. The electric motor allows you to take very nice close-up pictures as the motor is totally silent and therefore will not scare the birds away.


Por cuarto año consecutivo, la Asociación para el Desarrollo Campesino - ADC, el grupo Herederos del Planeta Los Tucanes y el Santuario de Flora y Fauna Isla La Corota, coordinan y promueven la jornada de observación de Aves Acuáticas y terrestres del Humedal Ramsar de La Cocha y sus alrededores, donde están presentes más de 20 especies migratorias. En este día, también se desarrolla conversatorios de la importancia de conservar los hábitats de las aves, que aumenten los niveles de sensibilización ambiental de los participantes y de la comunidad encaneña en general.

World Migratory Bird Day

On May 7, 2014 was celebrated World Migratory Bird Day by organizing educational activities and public awareness. Together with the National College Students Union of Turnu Magurele, Teleorman two actions were carried out environmental education consisting of ornithological observations in the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0024 confluence of the Danube River, and a power point presentation with the debate of 2014, and a press media.

Die große Zugvogelbeobachtungstour zum Weltzugvogeltag

Die große Zugvogelbeobachtungstour zum Weltzugvogeltag „Zielflugrouten: Zugvögel und Tourismus“? Zugvogelbeobachtung für Kinder und Erwachsene mit dem Fahrrad oder der Kutsche Diese geführte Exkursion mit der Langeooger Dipl. Umweltwissenschaftlerin Birte Weinbecker ist ein besonderer Leckerbissen für Naturliebhaber. Die Tour startet wahlweise mit Rad am Deichschart oder der Kutsche am Poldereck bis zur Osthütte (ca. 9 km), entlang der besten Vogelbeobachtungsplätze Langeoogs. Es wird ca. zwei km am Strand zu Fuß zurückgelegt.

11 de mayo, Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias en Urdaibai Bird Center

Durante toda la mañana, Urdaibai Bird Center celebrará con los visitantes la importancia de las aves migratorias que visitan la Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai, introduciendo a todo el que se acerque en el fascinante mundo de las aves. Entre otras actividades, habrá una jornada divulgativa de anillamiento científico de aves, visitas guiadas gratuitas al centro y observación de aves migratorias con ayuda de técnicos del centro.


Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary falls in the Shopian District of the Kashmir Valley in Jammu and Kashmir State India and is one of the only two protected areas in J&K where you can get to see the largest wild goat of the World-The Markhor (Capra Falconeri). Besides,the sanctuary is home to around 20 otrher species of mammals and 125 species of birds. As a part of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2014, INDIA ECO EDGE CONSULTANCY has decided to celebrate the event as “A DAY WITH BIRDLIFE” by conducting a bird-watching event.

Osservazione degli uccelli migratori da un punto privilegiato: la cima del Monte Prinzera

We will climb on top of Mount Prinzera in the heart of the Reserve and from this vantage point we will enjoy the view of the river Taro valley. From the Apennines we will wait for the passage of raptors that coming from Africa moving to the north.

Internationella flyttfågeldagen (World Migratory Bird Day)

Guided walk through the reeds of Lake Tåkern. Main theme is birds that migrate to Tåkern from Africa, how, when and why? Also showing of Wetland Center Naturum Tåkern


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