Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary falls in the Shopian District of the Kashmir Valley in Jammu and Kashmir State India and is one of the only two protected areas in J&K where you can get to see the largest wild goat of the World-The Markhor (Capra Falconeri). Besides,the sanctuary is home to around 20 otrher species of mammals and 125 species of birds. As a part of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2014, INDIA ECO EDGE CONSULTANCY has decided to celebrate the event as “A DAY WITH BIRDLIFE” by conducting a bird-watching event.

Osservazione degli uccelli migratori da un punto privilegiato: la cima del Monte Prinzera

We will climb on top of Mount Prinzera in the heart of the Reserve and from this vantage point we will enjoy the view of the river Taro valley. From the Apennines we will wait for the passage of raptors that coming from Africa moving to the north.

Internationella flyttfågeldagen (World Migratory Bird Day)

Guided walk through the reeds of Lake Tåkern. Main theme is birds that migrate to Tåkern from Africa, how, when and why? Also showing of Wetland Center Naturum Tåkern

Aves migratorias de Cochabamba

El día 10 de mayo desarrollaremos un taller acerca de la observación de aves en nuestra ciudad, el objetivo es mostrar las oportunidades y potencialidades que la ciudad de Cochabamba presenta para realizar esta actividad. Además presentaremos rutas importantes dentro la ciudad para observar aves como inicio de la iniciativa "Turismo científico en la ciudad". Finalmente El día 11 de mayo visitaremos la laguna Alalay para observar aves.

World Migratory Bird Day alla Riserva Naturale Regionale dei Ghirardi

Domenica 11 Maggio birdwatching all'Oasi WWF-Riserva Naturale dei Ghirardi in occasione del World Migratory Bird Day. Una passeggiata lungo il crinale di M. Rizzone, con partenza dal Centro Visite di case Pradelle alle ore 9.30 e ritorno alle 12.30, scrutando i cieli per osservare il ritorno in Europa di Falchi pecchiaioli, Nibbi bruni, Rigogoli, Gruccioni e decine di altre specie di uccelli migratori. Necessari scarponcini da escursione e giacca a vento. Consigliato il binocolo. Escursione gratuita con guida GAE, possibilità di associarsi al WWF sul posto.

Nature Iraq 10th Anniversary

As part of Nature Iraq's 10th Anniversary Festival, we will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day by conducting birdwatching trips, displaying a photo exhibition, and holding an educational event for children.

WMBD Celebration

There will be bird watching around Lake Koka on the first day. On the second day there will be an early bird watching on the shores of Lake Abijata and Lake Shalla followed by an out-door discussion with the participants reflections regarding what they have experienced from the trip. Besides, experts shall deliver brief talking about birds in general and the relationship between this year’s WMBD and tourism.

World Migratory Bird Day

This year event will start with a Seminar on important of migratory birds and their habitat; presentation on the work we are doing on migratory and why we are doing it Bird watching excursion, radio discussion program to reach the provinces, Environmental video show and distribution posters and Brochures.

Ørland Våtmarkssenter markerer Verdens Trekkfugldag

Verdens trekkfugldag søndag 11.05.2014 Program Kl 10:00 Foredrag: «Trekkfugler og deres utrolige reiser». Jørgen Skavdal Søraker, NOF Fosen. Sted: Ørland Våtmarkssenter. Kl 11:00 Fugletitting med guide i Grandefjæra Kl 12:00 Innvielse av nye benker og bord i amfiet i Grandefjæra. Natursti for både voksne og barn, mulighet for grilling, fugletitting med guide Kl 14:00 «Åpning» av lyddusj i utstillinga i Ørland Våtmarkssenter Avslutning Arr. Ørland Våtmarssenter i samarbeid med NOF Fosen


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