Raising awareness to ensure the conservation of migratory birds in the Hadejia - Nguru wetlands and other key sites in Nigeria

General Description of the event and proposed activities:The Hadejia – Nguru Wetlands, designated as a Ramsar site, is one of the key sites that harbours large concentrations of water birds in the west African sub region. During the last water bird counts conducted in January 2016, an estimated one hundred and sixty six thousand four hundred and thirty nine (166,439) water birds were counted; of both resident and migratory.  There were sixty one (61) species recorded in that count..

The birdwatching around Tatranská Lomnica and Kvetnica for the studenst from Slovak and Czech republic

A two-day program for the pupils of primary schools from Poprad, Slovak republic and Roztoky in the Czech Republic will be held by the Administration of the High Tatras National Park on 4 and 5 May.  Both days an excursion with birdwatching and identifying the bird species around Tatranská Lomnica and Kvetnica pri Porade will be realized for students. May 5 after lunch, the students will be in an environmental lab watching movies about migratory birds, including the eagle Anička returning from Africa.

Hands together Towards Conserving and Protecting Migratory birds against Illegal Killing, Taking, and Trading

Wildlife Conservation General Administration the Focal Point of AEWA in Sudan will organize an Educational , Awareness Programme through Scientific Paper Presentations,Plaform Disscution and Birdwatching  Activities in Sunt Forest at the East bank of White Nile in Khartoum State.

There willbe:

-  A brief notes about WMBD Celebration and it's theme for the year 2016 . 

- 6 Scientific Papers as follows;

Birds in Sudan - Now &Future

Conservation of Migratory Birds in Sudan

Conservation of migratory Birds Golabaly

Excursion des membres de l'Association "Les Amis des Oiseaux"

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs 2016, l'association "Les Amis des Oiseaux" organise une excursion pour ces membres dans le cadre des Rencontres de Jbel El Haouaria dans le but de contribuer à la promotion de la migration des oiseaux, du birdwatching, du tourisme écologique et solidaire, des produits de terroir et de la conservation du milieu naturel, les activités vont se dérouler autour d’une foire organisée dans la forêt sainte du Marabout Sidi Ameur.

WMBD celebrations at Dunga swamp in Kenya

There will be a morning bird walk then talks from various stakeholders pertaing this years theme.

Conservation of birds in Saudi Arabia

Birds bring joys and work as healer to cure health related issues. We are organizing an event in Taif, Saudi Arabia to general public as well as those who have some health related issues.  They will be given information on birds their migration, conservation, people's participation and how protection of birds would bring happiness to people.


Public Awareness to Save Migratory Birds - Tanzania

The event will be in two sessions, participants will start by early birdwatching (7.00-8.30am) and afterwards, a workshop at the University of Dar es Salaam. Birdwatching will be led by experienced birders from the University of Dar es Salaam Birdwatching Group, Ministry of Natural resources and Tourism, Wildlife Division, and Bird Environment Community (BECO), an NGO. Birdwatching will be conducted at the University of Dar es Salaam Sewage Treatment ponds and the University thickets which host migratory birds including many orioles, bee-eaters, waders and Madagascar Pond Heron.


The WMBD is a global event bringing together like mind people and takes place every year around the world. College of African Wilderness Experice is once again going to participate and team up with other groups.

Biodiversirty Conservation and Sustainable Management of our Ecosystem

Firstly, we have organised Media Interview on radio GBC on two occasions prior to the actual celebration.Hence,we have series of meetings before actual programme.

Outline of Programme on Occassion

1.Ceremony at Sakumo Lagoon and Ramsar site

2.Tema Metropolitan Executive is invited

3. Tema Metropolitan Agricultural Officer invited

4.Tema traditional Chief invited

5.Ghana Education Service notified

6.Ghana Wild Life Society to deliever keynote address

7.School children from selected schools in tema invited

8.general public


1. Workshop of Bird Migration and Training Birdwatching

2. Observation and  Birdwatching of Bird Migration


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