Birding-Tour am Speicher Dachwig, Landkreis Gotha

Der NABU Großfahner wird im größten Feuchtgebiet des SPA Nr. 16 "Ackerhügelland westlich von Erfurt" eine Vogelstimmen-Exkursion sowie zwei Beobachtungspunkte am Speicher Dachwig am Sonnabend, den 9. Mai 2015, einrichten. Bereits 6.30 Uhr beginnt die Vogelstimmen-Exkursion an der Pension "Zum Alten Hauptmann" unter der Leitung von Andreas Fleischmann. Ab 8.00 Uhr sind dann am Rande der ausgedehnten Schilfbestände und Wasserfläche zwei Beobachtungsstände eingerichtet, auf denen die Besucher neueste Spektive von Zeiss, Leica und Swarovski unter realen Bedingungen im Gelände testen können.



The activity that we will perform is in a National Park in Colombia (PARQUE NACIONAL NEVADO DEL HUILA). In the indigenous communities the provided material will support learning activities and underpin the importance of the park's ecosystem and habitat of present migratory species. It will help to understand the patterns of migration and shaping records based on observations on field trips to areas of forests. We will conduct workshops, birdwatching, drawing birds and recordings of bird songs.

World Migratory Bird Day 2015

Mongolian Ornithological Society in collaboration with Mongolica Co.Ltd is going to celebrate the event for the fourth time in Mongolia. This year the purpose of the event is to raise public awareness of migratory birds and their conservation actions. In this frame, we’re going to conduct a contest of hand drawings and sculptures named “Migratory Birds” among 13-year-old school children from high schools in Ulaanbaatar. On the day of 9th May, 2015 the best hand drawings and sculptures from the contest will be put on exhibition.

From Bangka To Conserve Migratory Bird

All birdwatchers in Bangka, will identify all migratory birds that come to our city during the event.  

Flying over the Sluch river

- lecture about migrations and local migrant bards;

- methods of migration research;

- birdwatching on Sluch floodplain

World Migratory Bird Day celebration - Iraq

We want to inform you that the Iraqi Organisation for Conservation of Nature (IOCN) in conjunction with Department of Environment of college of science of Qadisiya university will celebrates in the upcoming WMBD helding in Al-Dalmaj marsh southrn Iraq which is considered one of the most important route for bird annual migration, this festival will conclude some lectures led by expert to create awarness between the stackeholder and distribute boruchures and posters regarding to this important issue.

World Migratory Birds Day 2015

The event will to take place in the period from 14 - 16 May 2015 in ElHaj abdalla at Gezeira, an area sensitive to the migratory soaring birds; Gezeira embraces giant agricultural schemes, in addition to some important wetlands. These together with irrigation canals form an important habitat for migratory soaring birds. Grid of power lines criss-cross the Gezira scheme, supplying energy to the irrigated schemes as well as heavily populated residential areas. The power lines are relatively old.

Raising National Profile for Migratory Birds in Kenya

Processions will be held at the first 5 sites, including public meetings with speeches, children singing, banners and posters of WMBD. The local Site Support Groups will organise these events. A special bird walk with a focus on migratory birds will take place on 5 April at Nairobi National Park (a minibus will be hired to bring people there). There will be extensive media coverage and articles in the press. A report with pictures will be produced and sent to the BirdLife Africa Secretariat

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day in Uganda

The following activities are being proposed for NatureUganda’s participation: 1. Press Release and Panel discussion; a panel discussion / press briefing will be organized by NatureUganda, where print and electronic media will be invited. The panel discussion / press briefing will be followed by a press release. The release will announce the launch of the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) on the weekend of 8/9 April 2006, and also release some information about the Bird Flu (Avian Flu).


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