The Battle of Towers, Espoo, Fiskarsinmäki

This event is part of a national event, The Battle of Towers. The aim is to observe as many species of bird as possible from a birdwatching tower during 8 hours. The main purpose is to promote birdwatching and the protection of birds. In addition to the teams, anyone is welcome to visit the towers during the event!

Pengamatan Burung di Kota Banjarmasin

SBBC (South Borneo Biology Club) melakukan pengamatan burung di sekitar kecamatan Banjarmasin Utara. 


2016 World Migratory Bird Day Celebration in Ethiopia

The 2016 World Migratory Bird Day will be celebrated  for the 7th time in Ethiopia with events of Bird Watching, Educational Activity and Media event. The dates for the event are from 10-13 May 2016. People from different professional backgrounds and local communities will be invited on the occation.

Visita temática: Dia mundial das Aves MIgratórias

Localizado no coração da mais importante zona húmida de Portugal, o Estuário do Tejo, o EVOA – Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves permite que os visitantes conheçam e desfrutem do património único, existente entre a lezíria e o estuário do Tejo.

World Migratory Bird Day 2016 Event in Yala Ecosystem


As an IBA, Yala swamp is a haven endowed with some of the most fascinating variety of birds. A number of bird enthusiasts visit Yala swamp to enjoy bird watching, and there are existing opportunities in recognizing the value of birds including generating income from ecotourism with birds as a tourist attraction.

Past WMBD events

Observación de Aves migradoras en Cazalla (Tarifa - Estrecho de Gibraltar).

Día 7 de Mayo de 2016. Observatorio de aves de Cazalla (Tarifa) área del Estrecho de Gibraltar. De 10:00 ha 14:00 h.

Day 7 May 2016,  Bird Observatory of Cazalla ( Tarifa) area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar. 10:00 h to 14:00 h .

Observación de Aves en el LIC de Palmones (Los Barrios - España)

10 de Mayo de 2016 Jornada de observación de aves en el Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria del río Palmones (los Barrios España) Horario de 10:00 h. a 14:00 h

May 10, 2016 Day,  Birding in the Site of Community Importance of Palmones river ( Los Barrios  - Spain ) 10:00 hours to 14:00 h

Birdwatching and Conservation Education for Primary School Students

Educational activity for Primary School Students at Jatimulyo village, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The participants will be educated about bird conservation, and how illegal hunting and trading lead to species extinction. So all participant students will have knowledge and awareness about birds around them, and expected to act for conservation in the future.

Education To Stop The Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade

Workshop about birds and habitat conservation for the students and farmers in Pematang Gadung Village and birdwatching in Pematang Gadung Forest

Sauvons nos oiseaux migrateurs .. Sauvons notre vie sur Terre

L'Association Sauvegarde des Zones Humides du Sud Tunisien : Nous allons célébrer ces journée :

* Une soirée de diffusion de film " le silence des oiseaux" et discussions 

* Un atelier de réflexions sur les dangers du braconnage et de la capture des oiseaux avec les associations d'elevage des oiseaux et les représentant de la DGF

* Une sortie d'observation (Birdwatching)


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