Bird watching on the Manko waterbird and wetland center.

We will introduce you to bird watching on the Manko wetland.
In early May, migratory water birds are going to arctic breeding ground. During long migration, their visit on Manko wetland for resting / charge energy. Let's find out migratory birds on Manko wetland.

World Migratory Bird Day with Salinas Pueblo Missions

Salinas Pueblo Missions will host an event for visitors to come out and celebrate, "The year of the Bird," during the World Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Quarai unit of Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. This special day for celebrating was inaugurated by Partners in Flight in 1992 as a way to hilight its mission and that of its nearly 200 Partners. This second Saturday in May was chosen because peak migration offers the ideal opportunity to bring people and birds together -- to sow the seeds of wonder and caring.

Beach to Breach Birding on Fire Island

It's the peak of the spring bird migration on Fire Island and great opportunity to observe warblers, migratory shorebirds, and early nesting barrier island birds. Bring binoculars. 3 miles roundtrip.

Welcome Bird's Spring

The Administration of the Malá Fatra National Park has implemented the second Welcome Bird's Spring in Lesopark Chrasť in Žilina on April 13, in cooperation with the Slovak Ornithological Society / BirdLife Slovakia for the public, during which the visitors could learn 23 bird species during the birdwatching ang  recognition of bird voices.

WMBD en la ría de Avilés

día 10: presentación del aula de naturaleza con rueda de prensa y visita guiada para autoirdades y periodistas

día 12:

AM: 9:30 limpieza de basuras en playa y duna / 12:00  encuentro de personas migrantes africanas para reconocer las aves que hau pasado el invierno en su tierra

PM: talleres infantiles, punto de observación de aves 

día 13

AM:  visita de grupo ciclista, talleres y punto de observación

PM: taller infantil y visitas guiadas

2018 World Bird Migratory Day: UNIFYING OUR VOICES FOR BIRDS

The 2018 world bird migratory day will be held for the first time in Omo forest reserve, Ogun state, Nigeria. The two day event will begin on friday with awareness visits to selected communities around the reserve. During these visits, awareness will be raised on bird soecies migration, the threats and the actions required to mitigate these threats. 

The second day event will begin with a bird watching outing around the reserve. This will be followed by an assembly where invited partcipants will be treated to an educative play on bird migration.

Beginning Bird Walk at Pickering Ponds

This walk will traverse Rochester city park trails along the Cocheco River and around the wastewater treatment facility settling ponds. Meet at the Pickering Ponds parking area. The entrance is about a mile south of the Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant on Pickering Road, opposite mailbox #374.

Contact: Dan Hubbard, or 603-332-4093


WMBD Clough State Park

Follow Jane Hills in search of Spring migrants.  With its variety of habitats, this popular location should provide us with many species of warblers and other birds.  Meet at the end of Sugar Hill Road off Rt. 77 in Weare.  Contact: Jane Hills at, (625-8332)

WMBD Spring Migration at Horseshoe Pond

Wake up early and get your fill of spring migrants with Zeke Cornell and Becky Suomala for what has become one of the most popular trips of the year to see colorful spring migrants.  Meet at the end of Commercial Street at Horseshoe Pond.  Contact: Zeke Cornell at


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