Parco Nord Milano is a regional park in the city of Milan. For this event, we planned the following: educational activities for students on Friday (13-05-2016); birdwatching, showing of an unreleased documentary (movie) about birds migrating over Parco Nord Milano and the surrounding areas, an exhibition on dangers and illegal hunting on flyways and scientific lectures on Saturday (14-05-16); biking, photo exhibition and educational activities for children on Sunday (15-05-16).

Aves Migratorias no PN Lagoa do Peixe

Festival de aves migratorias no Parque Nacional da Lagoa do Peixe.Apresentaçoes,palestras,mini-cursos,saidas a campo para observaçao de aves.


WMBD on IBA «Dalverzin hunting-management area» in Uzbekistan

Being BirdLife Affiliate Partner, Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB) takes part in WMBD campaign from 2011. Under the aegis of Spring Alive members and volunteers of UzSPB conducted educational activities and birdwatching events dedicated to the World Migratory Bird Day 2015 on IBAs in Uzbekistan in the framework of the project «Developing mechanisms for conservation and sustainable use of the main ecosystems in Uzbekistan». The venues for WBMD 2015 were IBAs «Dalverzin hunting management area», «Ayakagima lake» and «Amankutan pass».

Birdwatching guided tour

Two hours walk through the Scheutbos, a 50 ha green area in Brussels, with comments of a trained ornithologist.

Igdir Aras River Bird Paradise World Migratory Bird Day and Global Big Day

We will celebrate the 10. anniversary of Aras River Bird Banding, Research, and Education Center with bird banding demonstration, birdwatching, a big day attempt, a press conference and our campaign to from the pointless Tuzluca Dam. Please join more than 60,000 signatures to

Incredible Journeys

Unusual weather pattern this year has not been good for the migratory birds. One has seen subtle changes in their migration patterns. For example, Bar Headed Geese could be seen around here well into April this year.

This is my third year celebrating WMBD and it has been a wonderful journey for me as well. This WMBD , I intend to be out early with my parents and visit the birding hotspots around here.

Acercamiento a las aves migratorias en Cabu Peñes

Punto de observación y visitas guiadas en el Monumento Natural de Zeluán (ría de Avilés); conferencia en un colegio.

LIFE LAGO SALSO: "Birdwatching & mitigation of impacts on power lines"

Il Centro Studi Naturalistici ONLUS e la Società Oasi Lago Salso di Manfredonia, aderiscono alla giornata mondiale degli uccelli migratori, presso l'Oasi il giorno 10 maggio 2015, con l'intento di sensibilizzare l'opinione pubblica verso questo importante fenomeno fondamentale per la tutela e la conservazione degli uccelli. L’iniziativa si inserisce, inoltre, nell´ambito delle attività di comunicazione e sensibilizzazione previste dal progetto LIFE+ 2007 - “Azioni di conservazione per l´avifauna prioritaria dell´Oasi Lago Salso” 

Birdwatching and ringing of birds

At the most southern point of Scandinavia Gedser bird observatory and ringing station (aka GFU) we will undertake bird migration watch (aka "vis mig" [visual migration watch]). Also, as part of the standard bird-monitoring programme at GFU there will also be the usual five hours of mist netting and ringing of birds.

We are happy to be part of this event - however we can only participate in the vis mig part on the 9th of May however, as ringing is part of the program at GFU that will also happen during the following days.


World Migratory Bird Day Celebration at Aras Bird Research & Education Center

As previous years World Migratory Bird Day will be celebrated at Aras Bird Research and Education Center in Igdir, northeastern Turkey. Aras Valley is an important bird migration site where millions of passerines and soaring birds migrate from Africa to Eurasia and vice versa.


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