Urdaibai a nice and safe stopover for birds

Hello everybody.

We are writing from Urdaibai, a Biosphere Reserve which is situated in Bizkaia, Basque Country.

Urdaibai Bird Center is a great living museum of the nature, open to the public for enjoying with the world of birds and their migrations. We want to inform you about our activities due to the World Migratory Bird Day.

In order to celebrate the Wolrd Migratory Bird Day Urdaibai Bird Center has organised a variety of different activities:

Word Migratory Bird Day alla Riserva dei Ghirardi

Discover the migratory species that cross the Apennine mountains of Italy in their route from Africa to Central and Northern Europe. Waders, warblers, doves, swifts, bee-eaters, chats, shrikes and especially raptors of many species are presents for few hours or many days on the meadows of the Costa dei Rossi and the ponds of Pieve di Campi, near the WWF Natural Reserve of Ghirardi. 

Birds of the Nature Reserve Schlammwiss

Natur und Umwelt - BirdLife Luxembourg and the Bird Ringing Group Schlammwiss invite people to discover the Nature Reserve Schlammwiss and its migratory and breeding birds.

Haff Remich - Luxembourgs most important wetland for migratory birds

Natur und Umwelt, BirdLife Luxembourg and ANF (Administration de la Nature et des Forêts) invite people to join a guided walk through Haff Remich Nature Reserve in order to discover the migratory and breeding birds.


WMBD 2015 in Bali

On 9th may we're going to organize an educational activity about "bird-watching". On 10th may we're going out to practically do the birdwatching on serangan island, Bali.

Tornien Taisto 2015 Vallonjärvellä / Battle of Towers 2015 in lake Vallonjärvi

Valkeakosken Lintuharrastajat opastavat yleisöä tornilla koko Tornien Taiston ajan kello 05:00 - 13:00. Vallonjärven rantapusikko tornin edustalla on aktiivilintuharrastajien talkootyönä kaadettu, joten lintuja voi havainnoida myös tornikukkulan laelta.

Kello 10:00 - 11:00 järjestään myös erillinen lintukävely Heikkilänmetsään, lähtö tornin luota ja paluu samaan paikkaan.


Caceres Bird Festival, Spain

The ornithological and environmental wealth of Caceres, a World Heritage Site and the third Monumental Site in Europe, is the theme for this festival which takes place each year in May and which enables us to enjoy and discover the capital city of Caceres from a different perspective.

World migratory bird day-2015

To mark World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD), the Mongolian wildlife science and conservation center, Mongolian bird watching club and the Environmental department of OT LLC organizing a bird- watching & education program for school children and students, in total 80 people. The programme will be held on 1-2 May 2015. Two days programme will promote awareness for important habitats for migratory waterbirds and also try to stimulate public efforts to conserve them for the future. On the first day lectures will be given about migratory birds and electrocution problem for birds in Mongolia.

Rallye Ornitho à vélo

Partons à la découverte du domaine de Bessilles et des oiseaux qu’il accueille en VTT.

Une véritable course aux oiseaux entre pinède et vignes qui nous permettra d’en apprendre plus sur ce véritable refuge de biodiversité.

Birdwatching for conservation

World Migratory Bird-day 2015.

" Birdwatching for Conservation "

Panitia : Kerinci Birdwatching CLub

Lokasi : Jembatang Panjang Tanah Kampung - sungai penuh - jambi

Waktu : Sabtu/ Minggu , 9/10 Mei 2015.

Contak : Arief : 0877 9313 5655 / ighun : 0823 7370 5646




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