Learn from the winged teachers

The scholars, students, children, youth and general mass will be encouraged to display, write, draw, present the learning from the winged, feathered animals. This event will be more or less focusing on the sensitization of participants towards learning from birds.

Migratory Birds Under Scrutiny (Trekvogels onder de loep)

Our event program consists of the following:

  • Presentation on migratory birds: "Trekvogel onder weg" (Dutch) at the highschool "Groenhorst College" Almere.
  • Visit Oostvaardersplassen (wetlands):
    • Birdwatching at the lookout point Jan van de Boschpad (Almere).
    • A guided visit to the restricted areas in an electric vehicle (ecokar).
  • Creating a video about the Oostvaardersplassen for the WLI / MBP webpage.
  • Participate in the video/skype conference. 

Les Oiseaux et nous (Birds and us)

The « Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée » or CBG is a mining company exploiting bauxite since 1973 and co-owned by the Government of Guinea and international companies such as ALCO, Rio Tinto Alcan, etc.

To be aligned with international best practice, CBG has implemented a Biodiversity Program since  August 2016.

The objective of the CBG’s Biodiversity program is to implement a sustainable approach by engaging internal and external stakeholders.

Des visites ecologiques à Waladia, Maroc

Dans le cadre de la Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs et pour le rapprochement entre les écoles et oiseaux le long de la voie de migration de l’Atlantique de l’EST. Le Groupe de Recherche pour la Protection des Oiseaux au Maroc compte d'organiser des visites au profit des écoles au centre d'Information Ecologique à Waladia. Ce centre est géré par notre association.

"Marty Party" 4th Purple Martin WMBD Celebration

Sponsored by the city of Grand Prairie, Texas and the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas, the 4th annual "Marty Party" celebrates World Migratory Bird Day 2017 with cultural and educational programs. This festival aims to educate people on the importance and conservation needs for the Purple Martin. As the largest swallow species in North America, the Purple Martin depends on human assistance to survive in migration stop-over areas in North Texas.

'Save The Birds and Let Them Free' Festival

The 'Hari Migrasi Burung Sedunia' (Save The Birds and Let Them Free) Festival is an activity designed to raise awareness and is a follow up to our WMBD commemoration of 2012. We hope to motivate people to value nature conservation through environmental education activities and a birding trip, in addition to provide recommendations to local governments, communities and interested parties with a lecture. We hope to reach out to bird watchers, students, local government officials and the general public of Jakarta.

Celebration of world migratory bird day in "La Cocha lagoon"

In celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day, the members of the Associacion para el Desarrollo Campesino, ADC, will participate in an event organized at the La Cocha lagoon (Ramsar wetland and place of great importance considering the birds’ migration to this part of South America).

Our association has been working with children and young people for the last 20 years through the "Heirs of the Planet" program, which mainly focuses on environmental and education activities for the empowerment of the inhabitants of La Cocha in recognizing and valuing the importance of birds.

Birds of Finnmark: Talks and Birdwatching

A two day event, involving talks and birdwatching in the evening will be hosted in Finnmark, Norway. The main species we will highlight is the Lesser White-fronted Goose. On the second day there will be an excursion to some remote wader staging sites in Lille Porsangen (approximately a 350km car drive).

Leur avenir est notre avenir. Une planète saine pour les oiseaux migrateurs et les gens

A l’occasion de la journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs (JMOM ou WMBD), le Club Ornitho de l'Association Environnementale AquaCirta avec le CEM DESCARTES organisera une sortie sur terrain pour des observations ornithologiques à la retenue collinaire Berla (commune de Ain S'Mara, wilaya de Constantine) le mardi 10 mai 2017. 
Notre programme sera comme suit : 
 08 :00 Regroupement a l'Ecole moyenne Descartes (cite Boussouf)
 08 :15 Départ vers la retenue collinaire
 08 :45 : Arrivée sur site

World Migratory Bird Day

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature through the Aqaba Bird Observatory in cooperation with Ayla Project and BirdLife International cordially invites you and your family to attend the World Migratory Birds Day event , under the theme "Stop the illegal killing, taking and trade!" to protect the birds, and to indicate the value of Jordan’s location as a second flyway for migratory birds world, on Wednesday, 10 August 2016.


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