Media Event


The activities will include
Birdwatching with WABSA students
Speech by Gambia Tourism Board/AEWA focal point The Gambia and WABSA CMB project achievement
Radio Talk Show at West Coast Radio FM at 92.1 FM at 9.00 ( o'Clock in the morning to 10 O'clock


Conférence de presse
Découverte de l'oiseau par les écoles
Visite de site

World Migratory Bird Day

This year event will start with a Seminar on important of migratory birds and their habitat; presentation on the work we are doing on migratory and why we are doing it
Bird watching excursion, radio discussion program to reach the provinces, Environmental video show and distribution posters and Brochures.

JMOM Senegal

Joint event with the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Tourism. Press event, birdwatching, oral and poster presentations concerning ornithology and tourism in Senegal.

Anbiente network, WMBD 2014

Ambiente Network ( the Network for the conservation, protection and environmental restoration ) wants to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) with a short consideration. A greeting and a wish for many Italian hunters who, investing money and passion in nature projects management, operate in creating new wetlands from deserted rural areas up to thousands hectares.

La Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs en Guinée

La Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs va consister à organiser une conférence à l’université de Sonfonia afin d’expliquer, aux étudiants, le thème de cette année et les possibilités de création d’emplois liées à la conservation de la Biodiversité en général et les Oiseaux Migrateurs en particulier.

Des flyers ont été distribués dans plusieurs universités de la capitale telles que les Universités Gamal Adbel Nasser, Koffi Annan, UNC …

Celebración del Día de las Aves Migratorias

Series of talks given by representatives of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador and the Non Governamental Organizations Aves y Conservación and Birdlife International at Rio Verde, Pichincha Province, on the 12 May 2014, to the public (schools and media). The event will be followed by a visit to the forest at Rio Verde to do birdwatching and outdoor activities.

World Migratory Bird Day 2014 in Batumi

Birdwatching excursions and short follow-up lectures are planned for the local communities to witness and
learn about bird migration in two different and contrasting areas of the bottleneck.


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