Lago di Burano

Starting at 10 am guided visits along the trails of the Lago di Burano nature reserve (Tuscany) to discover with expert guides the birds of the reserve. Walking through the mediterranean scrubland visitors will reach the sand dunes and beach to continue bird observations.  Visitors will also be introduced to bird ringing and the tecniques used for research and bird conservation.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration 2015

Nature Iraq Organization, through its "Jensen Project for the Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Iraqi Central Marshes" together with BirdLife International, will celebrate this year's WMBD in the Central Marshes as the area is one of the most important wetland in the Middle East and the globe that receives many migratory and threatened bird species and is within the flyways of many global birds.

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias. Disfrutamos de los pájaros para siempre

Ven a conocer el esfuerzo que hacen las aves migratorias cada año para llegar a nuestro hogar, con charlas, presentaciónes, juegos, manualidades y mas... Para toda la familia

Vine a conèixer l'esforç que fan les aus migratòries cada any per arribar a la nostra llar, amb xerrades, presentacions, jocs, manualitats i mes ... Per a tota la família

Come and find out how much effort migratory birds put in to getting to our home every year, with talks, presentations, games, cratfs and more... For all the family

Edukasi dan Pengamatan Burung Migrasi

Edukasi dan pengamatan burung migrasi di bima merupakan kali kedua dilaksanakan oleh anggota sindikat fotografer wildlife bima-dompu yang di dukung oleh alphharian regional bima - dompu, dimana dengan adanya kegiatan ini diharapkan masyarakat sekitar bisa menjaga satwa yang migrasi dan diharapkan kepada peserta yang ikut bisa berkelanjutan dan mengenal satwa-satwa pantai yang ada.



The activity that we will perform is in a National Park in Colombia (PARQUE NACIONAL NEVADO DEL HUILA). In the indigenous communities the provided material will support learning activities and underpin the importance of the park's ecosystem and habitat of present migratory species. It will help to understand the patterns of migration and shaping records based on observations on field trips to areas of forests. We will conduct workshops, birdwatching, drawing birds and recordings of bird songs.

World Migratory Birds Day 2015

The event will to take place in the period from 14 - 16 May 2015 in ElHaj abdalla at Gezeira, an area sensitive to the migratory soaring birds; Gezeira embraces giant agricultural schemes, in addition to some important wetlands. These together with irrigation canals form an important habitat for migratory soaring birds. Grid of power lines criss-cross the Gezira scheme, supplying energy to the irrigated schemes as well as heavily populated residential areas. The power lines are relatively old.

Migratory Bird Day Program

We wanted to gather the local pleople, youth, children and government officials to celebrate this day by having small presentations, conducting a rally and cleaning activities.


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