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Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias 2012

- Guided visits from 28/4 to 20/5
- Drawing contest for children 6 to 12 years old
- Esposition with some panels showing migratory routes and impotance of Avilés estuary
- Several articles to be published in local and regional papers
- Conferences in several schools

World Migratory Bird Day: Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority

- Inviting media bodies to give media coverage for the event.

-Visiting the lakes where these migratory birds usually reside.

- sponsoring educational TV programs to disseminate important messages about migratory birds.

- Inviting professional persons from bird life partner in Ethiopia(EWNHS)

Birdwatching, Talk and Educational Activity

On Saturday the 12th we will start with a birdwatch tour in the morning. In the evening we will offer a talk about Bird Migration on the East Atlantic Flyway.
On Sunday afternoon we will offer several activitys for children in our Sience Centre of Nature Forces.

Community participation for conserving feathered creatures of local vicinity

In the regular activities of RSNH, the youth team of the organization will organize educational activities for creating ornithological awareness among the next generation along with the periodic visits of the site of habitats of birds (both for migratory and residents). The most important aspect of the activities will be involvement of local residents to raise local eco-ethical and conservation practices which are part of the culture in protecting birds and their habitats.

Networking for the sake of birds

A brief coverage of Iranian programs for the Migratory Birds Day 2013

Networking & hyperlinking for the sake of birds via birdwatching

Ceremony's subject: marking the international migratory birds day 2013

Occasion date:
Place of occurrence: City of Bandar abbas-Province of Hormozgan-iran

Pabellon Puertorriqueno de las Aves

A conference on wood birds will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 10-15 May 2013.

Aves de México - Día Internacional de las aves migratorias

Barro Jaguar Fotografía y Conservación A.C. y VIDAS A.C. se unen a esta causa y se realizaran diversas actividades para celebrar el Día Internacional de las Aves el 19 de Mayo de 2013.
Hora Presentación Lugar
8:00 – 10:00 Observación de Aves Jardín Etnobotánico
10:00 – 11:00 Taller de Papiroflexia de Aves Galería Barro Jaguar
16:00 – 17:00 El que es perico donde quiera es verde, ¿sera cierto eso?- M. En C. Gladys Reyes Galería Barro Jaguar

TWCS and AAB Migratory Bird Day in Tunisia

Saturday 11 May
- Conference on bird migration in Tunisia
- Conference about bird dynamic distribution in Tunisia
- Educational activities and migration game for children.

Sunday 11 May 2013
- Birdwatching at Sebkhet Raoued wetland to see migrating waterbirds


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