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SING and DANCE #LikeABird !

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On Saturday, 9. October 2021, people all over the world will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day to raise awareness of migratory birds and the importance of international cooperation to conserve them and the natural habitats they share with us. This year’s theme 'Sing, Fly, Soar - Like A Bird!' focuses on the phenomenon of ‘bird song’ and ‘bird flight’ and invites people to actively watch and listen to birds. While encouraging you to connect and reconnect with nature by watching and listening – the theme also invites you to use your creativity to express your appreciation of migratory birds. 


Each migratory bird has a different talent - and so do the people that celebrate them! 

This year, we want to highlight what connects humans with each other and with birds.The universal language of singing and dancing is deeply rooted in cultures all over the world.
Humans have expressed their appreciation for nature through dances for thousands of years and many traditional dances are inspired by mating dances from birds like Grebes and Cranes.

To raise awareness of the importance of migratory bird conservation and of the importance to reconnect to nature and to each other, we are therefore calling on you to participate in the  SING and DANCE #LikeABird challenge. Use your creative expression to raise awareness of migratory birds, their important role in maintaining the ecological balance and to show how crucial it is that people all over the world collaborate to protect and conserve them.

Can you move gracefully like a swan, stretch your wings like a flamingo or get all funky like an American Woodcock? Whatever way you like to express yourself - get your moves out and DANCE #LikeABird! Dance in a habitat that you share with birds or mimic your favorite migratory bird species – there are really no limits to your creativity! Or why not use your voice and impress the world around you just like the plover does? Whatever song you like to sing – raise your voice and SING #LikeABird!

Show us how birds can bring you joy and how they reconnect you to nature and to yourself. Express your talent by singing or dancing to a song that makes you feel #LikeABird or get inspired by checking out our bird-themed playlist

Every relevant video published with the hashtags #LikeABird and #WMBD2021 will have the chance to be publicly featured during the Global Flyway Talks, an online event taking place on UN Day, the 24th of October 2021.

Please note these basic guidelines

  • Dance or sing to a song that makes you feel #LikeABird
  • Upload your video (max. 1 minute) to Instagram or TikTok by 20. October 2021
  • Let the World Migratory Bird Day community be part of "your moment of creativity" by
    tagging @worldmigratorybirdday and using the hashtags #LikeABird and #WMBD2021
  • Nominate 2 friends, family members or colleagues to join the challenge



Raise awareness and take action by singing and dancing #LikeABird

Whether you like to sing or dance in your room or in nature, to classical music or your favourite R’n’B song, with your friends or alone – the most important thing is that you have fun, sing and dance WILD and FREE #LikeABird and that you share your song or dance with us. We look forward to seeing and sharing your way of appreciating and celebrating migratory birds! Now go out into nature and ”Sing, Fly, Soar – Like A Bird”!



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