Celebrating WMBD by LSB in Libya

A one day celebration of WMBD will be conducted by the LSB in AlHadba treatment plant, Tripoli, Libya.

Jos Bird Club May Outing

Jos Bird Club (JBC) is a club that promotes love for nature and birds through its monthly activities. We emphasize environmental education and conservation through citizen science by recruiting members of the general public. Celebrating international days is part of the activities of the club. We join the international community to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day 2021 with the theme: Sing, Fly, Soar_Like a Bird

Bird Windrush

Birds observed on a 9 acre property 

Team Chiffchaff Big Day

Well, we did it. Here are some highlights from the Big Day...

At our firtst site of Rouge-Cloître, there were two gorgeous male Red-crested Pochards, and a Water Rail was calling from the reedbed. We actually managed to catch a glimpse of a handsome Green Woodpecker in the top of a snag, and a White Wagtail on an old red tile roof. A flock of about 40 siskins were in a clump of alders near a swampy stream bed.

The sun warmed things up by our second site of Boitsfort Cottony Pond, where we heard another Water Rail, saw about 15 more siskins, and heard a singing Goldcrest. The star bird must be the Cetti's Warbler that was heard singing from the pond-side shrub and reeds. True to form though, we couldn't spot him, even though he kept moving from one patch to another.

Significant by their absence, we didn't hear or see a single Blue Tit today, no Canada Geese, Kestrel, Stock Dove, Starling, or Song Thrush.

Ngabubirding at Delta Progo

Waiting for breaking the fast with bird watching, celebrating World Migratory Bird Day with Bionic UNY birdwatching club.

Bird watching at Delta Progo Yogyakarta, Indonesia with Desti Rohmawati and Kiryono from Bionic UNY. There are 12 species of birds were recorded, 4 species including migratory birds, namely: Whimbrel, Ruddy Turnstone, Red-necked stint, and Lesser Sand-plover. Photo by Aghnan Pramudihasan.

Birdwatching with Iranian Birding Club

Iranian Birding Club has orgonized abirdwatching tour for this special day. join us for birdwatching in Ghanbar Abad wetland. for more information visit the

CANCELLED Trækfugledag på Rungstedlund

CANCELLED due to Covid-19

AFLYST pga. Covid-19

Vi håber på at vi kan afholde eventet på et senere tidspunkt, dog falder dette så ikke sammen med den Internationale Trækfugledag.



Karen Blixen Museum inviterer til et stort program i Fuglereservatet på Rungstedlund i anledning af International Trækfugledag under temaet ”Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird”. Der kan købes mad og drikke hos Madam Carlsens. Vi håber I også vil besøge museet, der genåbner 8. maj med ombygget café og butik, ny udstilling om Blixens Pagter og meget mere.

Wadi Degla Birding Walk in Cairo, Egypt

Morning birding walk in Wadi Degla, Cairo, Egypt, moved to Maadi because of Covid restrictions. 

Elkhorn Slough Reserve World Migratory Bird Day Week

Celebrate the diversity of birds migrating through Elkhorn Slough Reserve with an independent avian scavenger hunt, do-it-yourself crafts and an outdoor exhibit of bird artifacts. To find out more, please visit the event calendar at

Fontanelle Forest Migratory Bird Day

Have you ever wondered why do some birds migrate and others don’t? How do they complete their seasonal journeys and what dangers do they face?

Fontenelle Forest is participating in a citizen-science event in partnership with other state-wide organizations to help celebrate Nebraska’s Migratory Bird Month.

This event will include:

Guided Birding Hikes led by expert birders:
Bring your binoculars (or rent a pair at guest services) and your questions! Meet outside on Dennis Plaza during one of the hours listed below:


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