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World Migratory Bird Day Bali II

Kegiatan ini adalah yang kedua yang kami laksanakan setelah tahun 2013 juga dilaksanakan. Pelaksanaan kegiatan ini berupa kegiatan pengamatan burung yang berlangsung dipulau serangan selama 2 hari, kegiatan ini melibatkan KPB Kokokan Bali, Himabio unud dan unsur terkait.

Migratory Bird Day in Kosovo, Limth

This event will be organized in our camping site in Limth, Dragash Municipality, Kosovo. Before we go to Limth, we are going to visit a wetland of Liqeni i Breznes which is on the road to Limth. Limth is a camping site where our organization frequently goes there with its members and sometimes for a couple of day with the reason of bird watching, tourism, hiking, etc.

You are welcome my flying friends!

Hello Friends,
We at BUGHADI FOUNDATION will be celebrating our second World Migratory Bird Day on 10th May 2014 at Assan Barrage, 40 Km from Dehradun. This is a famous Migratory Bird visiting spot.
Anyone from any where interested may join us free of charges.
Thanks with best regards
Sarfaraz Hasan

Watch Them as They Fly By!

R. Soerjo Grand Forest Park is home to more than 100 bird species as well as a migratory trail for some birds. We're going to have photo& posters exhibition, birding tour for public, and clean up around the park.

Observacion de aves en el Paraje Natural Cola del embalse de Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz)

En el Paraje Natural Cola del embalse de Arcos de la Frontera, se va a realizar una observación de las aves residentes, reproductoras y migratorias. Para ello, nos apoyaremos de prismátricos y telescopios.
Se acompañara una sesion educativa con dibujos para los más pequeños.

Observación de aves Migratorias en el Estrecho de Gibraltar

Desde la Estación Ornitológica de Tarifa organizamos numerosas actividades de observación y relacionadas con la migración de aves. La época es ideal para la observación de aves migratorias procedente de la cercana África

sortie nature le 27 Mai 2014

Sortie nature des enfants de l'école maternelle de Bousignies le 27 Mai 14 observation des oiseaux, rôle des zones humides, protection des zh, biodiversité, theme sur la pollution.

Spring Migration on the Innoko River, Alaska

While students are out enjoying the open Innoko River and dipping for spring fish, a traditional Deg Hitan activity, they will identify as many bird species as possible. We are also celebrating Mother's Day this weekend.


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