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Celebrate together World Migratory Bird Day at Chukh lake, Mongolia

We will organize the WMBD event at Chukh lake, and entirely based on Chukh Bird Research Station. It is vital to organize WMBD event among the local kids and herder families at Chukh Lake, in northeastern Mongolia which is an important stopover site for many species of migratory birds especially for shorebirds. We are very excited to lead on this celebration! Let's enjoy with us. 

Raising awareness and encouraging active participation in birdwatching

For World Migratory Bird Day, we at Ghana Wildlife Society are having a WMBD series starting on 8 October 10 October. The series will involve social media engagements posts on examples of migratory birds, why we celebrate them, and share tips on bird watching. And then on 10th October, we shall reach the climax of the celebration with a social media quiz competition.

Happy Migratory Bird Day

 Artiako lagunak-Amigos de Artia will post photos of migratory birds observed in the Bay of Txingudi (Basque Country, Spain) through our Twitter account.

In Basque:

World Migratory Bird Day in Egypt

To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day we have scheduled a Webinar on Zoom Meeting
We welcomed an elite people who are professional in birding identification , birds migration and study on birds conservation programs , they talked about 1- Soaring birds in Egypt presented by : Ambassador / Ahmed Riad Experts in Egyptian birds and Co-founder of NCE 2- Sustainable Urban Development in Egypt presented by : Engineering / Omar Haitham vice president of Raptors Club and IAF member 3- Conservation of Vultures in Egypt presented by : Khaled Elnoby manager of conservation programs at NCE and researcher at Natural reserves in Egypt 4- Rehabilitation of injured Raptors in Egypt presented by : Mr/ Sayed elsayed Founder of Alqannas almasry association
Attended 114 person as participants in Zoom meeting
This link of numbers of participants
And this link of our published event

Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) App on Bird Migration

The official launch of the Bird Migration Storytelling Tool, showing the many different applications of C3S products in the field of environmental research, management, and education.  Most importantly, the narrative, told through maps and visual arts to tell the story of how climate variation affects migrating birds, is underpinned by scientific knowledge and traceable, quality assured data.

On the Wings of a Godwit

A musical journey to the ends of the earth and back...

The Bowerbird Collective, in collaboration with artists Kate Gorringe-Smith (The Overwinting Project) and Alfira O'Sullivan (Suara Indonesia Dance), presents 'On the Wings of a Godwit'.

An online performance celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, supported by the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership and Burung Indonesia, this is an unmissable 20-minute audio experience premiering on October 10, 8pm AEST, 6pm UTC, 5pm WIB.

Two versions, one in English and one in Indonesian:

Learn and meet the migrants

Green Planet is organizing a classroom presentations and a birdwatching session at an urban wetland for the undergraduates of the coastal resources management programme of the Ocean University of Sri Lanka.  The organizer is a freshly formed biodiversity conservation group comprising of experienced naturalists and ecologists from around the country.

Vidéoconférence sous le thème "le phénomène spectaculaire de la migration des oiseaux"

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs, GREPOM/Birdlife Maroc organise une vidéoconférence sous le thème "le phénomène spectaculaire de la migration des oiseaux"، animé par Dr. Said Lahrouz - Chercheur en Biodiversité et ressources Naturelles et Vice président du GREPOM/BirdLife Maroc.

Célébration de la Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs(JMOM) 2020 à Kamsar et Sangaredi

From 3 to 6 October 2020 in the two localities of the CBG concession, first in Sangaredi and then in Kamsar, Region of Boké, Guinea Republic, WMBD will be celebrated through "face to face" and "radio" sensitization around species' migratory challenges first and second hand through a "birdwatching competition" with employees and students from surounding schools. The first three birdwatchers from each observer category will win some gift, such as books, T-shirts, caps and other goodies.

Día de las Aves Migratorias en Ecuador

El Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias se va a celebrar en Salinas Ecuador el domingo 04 de octubre de 2020. Los organizadores somos el Programa de Conservación de Aves Playeras de Ecuador de la Fundación Aves y Conservación. Tenemos planificado una mañana lúdica de títeres, música y arte. Mientras que por la tarde realizaremos un ciclo de charlas sobre humedales críticos para aves migratorias en Ecuador. El evento es ONLINE y semi presencial con las medidas correspondientes por Covid 19.


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