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Birdwatching at Protected Forest Angke Kapuk

Follow up the Asian waterbird census in January 2019, KEHATI Indonesian Biodiversity Conservation Trust Fund and Accenture Indonesia will hold birdwatching on May 11th 2019. Joining with us biodiversity warriors, the youth community that regularly do the birdwatching activities in Indonesia. 

The data we have captured will be informed to the environmental board of Jakarta province for update.

Previously in 2019 we had captured 25 bird species,included 14 waterbirds. It was raining that effected the appearance of the birds

Children's Summer Camp May 2019 commemorating WMBD 2019

Children's Summer Camp May 2019 commemorating WMBD 2019 Educational and Entertainment activities, Awareness on Plastic Pollution, Migratory birds, Nature and Environmental conservation and protection. For Children and their parents. ORGANISED BY : DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA. IN ASSOCIATION WITH SRI HOLISTIC HEALTH FOUNDATION INDIA & ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING SOCIAL ACTION (APSA), HYDERABAD COMMEMORATING : WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY - 11 MAY (SECOND SATURDAY OF MAY) “ WMBD 2019 THEME : PROTECT BIRDS : BE THE SOLUTION TO PLASTIC POLLUTION ! ” On 2nd WEEK OF MAY 2019 At ANGANWADI CENTRE, MAISAMMA BANDA, HYDERABAD, INDIA. For more information: CSCM 2019 & WMBD 2019 Coordinator: +91 970 550 3767, [email protected] , Participation certificates will be provided to the participants. Free Registration. Children's and Parents are invited.

معرض اليوم العالمي للطيور المهاجرة وأثر البلاستيك عليها . The exhibition of the International Day of Migratory Birds and the Impact of Plastics

يعد الحفاظ على البيئة والحياة الفطرية من أهداف نادي الصقور السعودي ولما للصقور والطيور المهاجرة بشكل عام من أهمية بالغة في التوازن البيئي والحياة البرية، يشارك نادي الصقور السعودي بتنظيم فعالية "معرض اليوم العالمي للطيور المهاجرة وأثر البلاستيك عليها" وذلك بعد أن خصصت الأمم المتحدة يوم ١١ مايو لسنة ٢٠١٩ م لأضرار البلاستيك على الطيور المهاجرة، وبدوره سيقوم النادي باستقبال الزوار في المعرض الذي سوف يقام في (مول الرياض بارك)  ويصاحبه فعاليات تثقيفية توعوية عن رحلة الطيور المهاجرة و المخاطر التي تواجهها من التلوث البلاستيكي.

PAU Tapachula

Desarrollo de talleres con distintos contenidos que se centran en el conocimiento de las aves.

Bald Eagle Release at Bramble Park Zoo

To celebrate WMBD, Bramble Park Zoo, in Watertown South Dakota, will release a mature male bald eagle as part of its rehabilitation and release program. The release will occur at the Dakota Sioux Casino just north of the Bramble Park Zoo.

Eagle Release

Time: 10:30 AM

Date:  October 1, 2018

Location: Dakota Sioux Casino (near RV Park)

Welcome: Tribal Chairman – Dave Flute

Eagle History – Zoo Veterinarian/Zoo Representative

Eagles Cultural History – Mikey Peters, Tiospa Zina Tribal School

Honor Song – Tiospa Zina Tribal School Drum

Migratory Bird Open House at the Anacostia River Center

Join the Earth Conservation Corps for an open house in celebration of World Migratory Bird Day. We'll have:

  • Discussion with ornithologist/ author Rob Bierregaard. 
  • Live drawing demonstration with iIllustrator Kate Garchinsky.
  • Encounter our raptor ambassadors.
  • Explore the Anacostia on a river expedition.

First 50 attendees will receive a free copy of Belle's Journey!

Marking World Migratory Bird Day Celebration in Nyandarua County

The event will be marked in Nyandarua County which host 3 IBAs, Lake Olbolossat, Kinagop grasslands and Aberdare forest. The event will involve local community conservation groups, NGOs, local schools, companies, media and county government officials. Main activities will include, volleyball tornament, awareness creation talks and planting of tussock grass along the river Nairobi.

Notices in cable car

Isfahan Bird-watching Center started publishing notice stickers with in detail information for all cabins of cable cars to increase public awareness of World Migratory Bird day in Soffe mountain. 

The importance of the migratory birds "Unifying our Voices for Bird Conservation"

Kuwait Lens Team sponserd by KFAS (Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science) held an event In one of Al-Amiri Diwan's projects, The Habitat Museum, located in Al-Shaheed Park, Kuwait. The Team took a tour inside the Museum and saw all the 3D printed birds samples, then they showcased a short movie they made by them about migratory birds in Kuwait followed by a lecture from Eng. Ali Younis. The lecture was about the air photography by drones and how the use of it could help us study the birds more and in depth. Finally, Prof.

Yellow-breasted Bunting Eco Art Exhibition

Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola) is a small passerine which migrates over 8000 km twice a year between its breeding sites and wintering sites in Asia. Due to over-exploitation, habitat loss and other threats, their numbers have plummeted in the past 15 years. Therefore, they are listed as “Near Threatened” by the IUCN in 2004, then “Vulnerable” in 2008, further uplisted to“Endangered" in 2013, and even to "Critically Endangered" in 2017. If we cannot revert this trend, they may become the next Passenger Pigeon and will extinct in the foreseeable future.


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