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Media Event


The activities will include Birdwatching with WABSA students Speech by Gambia Tourism Board/AEWA focal point The Gambia and WABSA CMB project achievement Radio Talk Show at West Coast Radio FM at 92.1 FM at 9.00 ( o'Clock in the morning to 10 O'clock

Bird Watching and Awareness Raising Programme Through Local Community

Bird watching, Annual Census of Migratory Bird, Training on Bird Watching and Data Analysis, SMART Patrolling Training, Education Program, Exhibitions, Ecotourism Management and Ecourtour Guide Training for Local Community.

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

Since 2008 until now, consistent with other fons all over the world, Department of Environment of Hormozgan Province has celebrated Migratory Bird Day by implementing programs such as training workshops, birdwatching for students, drawing and painting competition for kids, publishing brochures and posters and media reports. Accoring to the WMBD 2014 Theme, On May 14, Doe of hormozgan province cooprated with Mashq-e-Afarinesh NGO-Training Company held a training workshop in DOE of Hormozgan Provincial Office for ecotour guides.

The premiere of the animation "Kliukwa (Cranberry)"

The documentary animation is about the wighte wagtail named Kliukwa (Cranberry). The premiere of the animation is dedicated to World Migratory Bird Day.



TWCS Birdwatching Event

Will be organising wirdwatching event on wetland near Tunis city, A radio spot and interview about the events and migratory birds, mainly waterbirds related to the wetland conservation issues

World Migratory Bird Day

- Séances d'observations des oiseaux avec les écoliers, instituteurs, SSG et pêcheurs; - Concour de dessin des oiseaux, - Publication d'un article; - Discussions avec les autorités locales sur la gestion des ressources aviaires; - Affichages des baderoles.

World Migratory Bird Day

On May 7, 2014 was celebrated World Migratory Bird Day by organizing educational activities and public awareness. Together with the National College Students Union of Turnu Magurele, Teleorman two actions were carried out environmental education consisting of ornithological observations in the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0024 confluence of the Danube River, and a power point presentation with the debate of 2014, and a press media.

Farewell Shorebirds

BirdLife Australia is launching an exciting nationwide event, Farewell Shorebirds, focusing on the fascinating lives of some of the 35 species of shorebirds. Farewell Shorebirds will run from mid-April until mid-May, concluding on World Migratory Bird Day (10 May). Highlighting the captivating story of the shorebirds’ annual global migration from Australia to the Arctic, Farewell Shorebirds will explore why the birds make this incredible journey and how they rely on Australia’s wetlands, coastlines and estuaries for their survival.


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