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World Migratory Bird Day 2019

On the occasion of the “World Migratory Bird Day” a big function was organized today on 11th of May 2019, by the Department of Wildlife Protection J&K Government, Wetlands Division Kashmir, in collaboration with the NGO’s “National Society for the Protection of Water Resources Wetlands and Forests” at World famous Ramsar Site of Kashmir (Hokersar Wetland Reserve) Srinagar. The main aim of the function was to impart the importance of the Migratory birds among the masses and the school going children and their roll for the Conservation of the migratory bird habitats. During the program main emphasis was given regarding the impact of plastic wastes in the Wetlands and the catastrophe it inflects in killing of millions of migratory birds in seas and other water bodies World over, besides it the participants were inculcated the detrimental role of the plastic pollutants which chocked the in feeding channels of the Wetlands and turned them invalid as an essential abode for the migratory birds.

            Various dignitaries who participated in the occasion threw light on the theme this year’s World Migratory Bird Day i.e Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution!  Stress was given to involve maximum youth on conservation of migratory birds and the Wetlands so that they are conserved and the Wetlands are made plastic free areas.

            Much awareness was also given among the participants to disseminate the message that no plastic waste should be thrown inside water channels, Streams, Nallas, Ditches, and Pools as these wastes finally find their way in Wetlands, Rivers and Seas.

            The participants were shown the presentations regarding the impact of plastic pollutants in Valley Wetlands and the measures adopted by the Department for their early disposal from the water bodies.

            Dy. Conservator of Forests(WL)/Wildlife Warden Wetlands stressed upon the participants to take active part in campaigning that no plastic waste is thrown inside water bodies and their in-feeding channels as these wastes killed many birds is Seas and are chocking the wetlands area.

            Shri. Nazir-benazir Chairman of “National Society for the Protection of Water Resources Wetlands and Forests” highlighted the role of the Department in mitigating the load of plastic pollutants from the water bodies. He also emphasized that various Departments related with wetlands, Rivers, Streams must take active part so that no plastic waste is dumped in these areas as they are hazardous for the survival of migratory birds and their abodes “Wetlands”.

Shri. Rahi Riyaz, Secretary “National Society for the Protection of Water Resources Wetlands and Forests” assured the participants that he will involve the youth to initiate a drive for cleaning of plastic waste from the water bodies of the valley. 

Hokersar Wetland Reserve Gund Hassi Bhat HMT
Srinagar - Jammu and Kashmir 190012 34° 6' 10.5156" N, 74° 42' 42.462" E
Start date: 
Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 14:15
End date: 
Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 16:15