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World Migratory Bird Day 2019 in Indonesia

World Migration Bird Day 2019 in Indonesia will be held on 11-12 May 2019. Under the theme "Protect Birds: Bee Solutions for Plastic Pollution". This activity will be carried out in Aceh, Indonesia by UKM-HIMPUS Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah. This activity will be filled with several activities, such as;

1. Photographic Migratory Bird Water Contest. Registration will take place between 4-30 April 2019. The winner will be announced on 7 May 2019. Photographs will be approved by:/ drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc., Riza Marlon, and drh. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, M.Sc, Ph.D.

2. National Seminar (education and training) for WMBD 2019 with the theme: "Protect Birds: Become a Solution for Plastic Pollution". The activity will be held on May 11, 2019, in the Hall of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University. About 150 people are expected to attent (bird watchers, photographers, and students)

This seminar will be filled with several speakers who are experts in the field of ornithology:

- Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc (Aceh Birder owner and local bird watcher)

- Mr. Riza Marlon (Wildlife Indonesia photographer)

- Mr. Iwan Londo (Profesional Bird Author in Indonesia)

- Ms. Rubama M (Indonesian ecological and bird observer)

- Team by SONY

3. Field trip. This activity will be held on May 12, 2019, in the mangrove forest of the city of Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia. This field trip will carry out birdwatching and Birdbanding activities with a target of 100 people. This activity will be guided by; Drh. Agus Nurza, M.Sc, and Mr.Iwan londo.

By holding these activities, we hope that the pollution and damage to migratory bird habitats can improve and the population of migratory waterbirds will increase in number.

Jl. Tgk. Hasan Krueng Kalee No. 4
Banda Aceh 5° 34' 2.1828" N, 95° 22' 17.4036" E
Start date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 00:15
End date: 
Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 14:00