World Migratory Bird Day at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

On the second Saturday of May we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day! Join us for a festival devoted to the birds that enliven our skies and enrich our lives.  Through various family-fun activities, guided bird walks, and auditorium programs, discover the world of migratory birds and learn how you can enjoy them at home and help us protect them.

World Migratory Bird Day on San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge!

Location: at the north end of 12th and 13th Street, in Imperial Beach.

Wildlife Safari Park Bird Watching Campout

Wildlife Safari Park Bird Watching Campout is for Families and Small groups interested in Bird Watching.  Early evening and mornings, at the park, offer some of the best bird viewing, so bring your sleeping bag, binoculars and cameras and join us for this special opportunity.  Groups will stay in separate tents with cots or are welcome to bring their own tent for use.

Southeast District Birding Day at Indian Cave State Park

We will meet at 7:30 in the parking lot at the entrance to Indian Cave State Park. From there we will divide into groups, travel to different locations within the park and hike sites looking for woodland and other bird species.  Event is held rain or shine; mist netting is weather dependent.   Participants should bring their own lunch.

birdwatching and educational Activity

World Migratory Bird Day activities were held for the first time in the city of Langsa, for activities to be carried out in the mangrove of Langsa City, this activity was held on 22 May 2019, with a series of education about migratory birds and bird watching in the afternoon. community and students and communities in the city of Langsa.

Екскурсія "Чи виживе оазис дикої природи серед міста?"

Маршрут екскурсії пролягатиме каскадом ставків у заплавній долині річки Омелянівка (притоки Стиру) в районі Черчиць та Кічкарівки у м. Луцьку( неподалік вулиць Чернишевського та Ковельської).

Еколого-освітня екскурсія приурочена до Всесвітнього дня мігруючих птахів

Horicon Marsh Bird Festival

HORICON – A migration celebration starts Thursday as the 22nd annual Horicon Marsh Bird Festival gets underway.

Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program Plastic Clean up

The Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program are students from both Dorsey and Culver City High School. They are a group of students that complete an internship and do restoration around the park. Starting the activity we all grabbed binoculars and a compass and began our bird walk.This helped students get familiar with the local birds that use the park as habitat and to orient themselves during the walk. After, I gave a ”plastic talk,” where I talked about the history of plastics and their harm to the environment. I showed them reusable alternatives and how to dispose of plastic correctly.

Birdwatching in City Park

Iranian Birding Club and City Park Birdwatching Site have orgonized a Birdwatching tour on Thurseday 19th of May from 8:00 Am to 10:00 Am at City Park in center of Tehran. This tour is specially for celebrating this special day and also for informing people about the importance of the birds in our ecosystem. We give binoculars to the people who participate in this tour and we will go around the park to watch the birds. Join us. برنامه گشت پرنده نگری در سایت پرنده نگری پارک شهر با همراهی باشگاه پرنده نگری ایرانیان از ساعت 8 صبح تا 10 صبح به مناسبت روز جهانی پرندگان مهاجر برگزار می گردد

Knowing migratory bird species

Himalayan Nature is celebrating world migratory bird day by organizing bird watching events to local youths of Barakshetra municipality at Sunsari district. This bird wathing and education event is leading by our Kosi Bird Observatory (KBO) trainees. In this event local students will be engaged on bird watching along the floodplains of Koshi River in the eastern Nepal. Koshi is important area for the migratory water birds, raptors and several other species. Additionally we are organizing raptor banding events in the westrrn Nepal to deploy GPS-GSM transmitters.


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