World Migratory Bird Day celebrations

The event comprises of three major events namely:
1. Early morning nature walk including bird watching
2. Canoeing around the open waters including bird racing
3. public dialogue / public awareness meeting

In attendance will be the resident local communities (SSGs taking a lead on local organisation/arrangements), members of tour and tour operators, private sector and government institutions as well as members of the general public and university students.

Just - Family

-Lectures(Birds and roles)
-awareness on migratory birds - habitat and threats
-pictures and films

Some juices, biscuits and small gifts to my kids will be given. We will create a beautiful picture of a Crown Crane, dimentioned 100 x 50cm for their mother.

Migratory Birds ambassadors for biodiversity & peace

The event will include schools from near villages presenting dances under the theme of bird's protection & spreading peace & in addition to traditional dances from Kfar Zabad village. The second day will include ecotouristic activities in the Hima.

International Migratory Bird Day

The event from 11:00-15:00 includes guided tours with activities for families along a trail passing through a series of Bell Caves* with the highlight of releasing rehabilitated migratory birds (Black Kites, White storks, Eurasian Bee-eater, Steppe Buzzard) emphasizing on the factors that endangered these individuals:
persecution, power lines, etc.

Aves migratorias - Embajadoras de la Biodiversidad, Migratory Birds - Ambassadors for Biodiversity

The Grupo aves de Peru - La Libertad will implement bird related conservation activities as well as birdwatching trips and photo exhibitons between 9 to 10 May 2008.

Fiesta del desierto

Fiesta del desierto is a festival of birdwatching tours in Coahuila. We have a lot of interesting bird species such as the Marron Fronted Parrot (endangered specie here in Mexico), or the Worthen´s Sparrow.

For more information please visit www.aventuratecoahuila.com were also pictures are provided.

WMBD: Wildlife Clubs Bird Festival

Nature Seychelles will co-organise a bird festival for all wildlife clubs, hosted by clubs in the Northern region of the country for all other regions. Beginning the 5th of May at school level, clubs are being sensitised on the issue during their club meetings and will organise exhibitions, visits to nearby shores and other school-based activities. At national level however we will be organising this bird festival on the Saturday 24th of May since the 10th (the official WMBD) would be the time of high tides in Seychelles, what makes it difficult to watch some migratory birds.

Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Bird Migratory Campaigns

1. Morning and evening bird walks
2. Songs, poems & dances
3. Excursion tours and field trips within Dakatcha woodland IBA
4. Educating local community, schools & churches on biodiversity conservation
5. Tree planting programmes
6. Creating awareness & sensitizing the public on the importnce of environmental conservation

WMBD Festival

10th May- Photography Competition & other activities
11th May- Seminar on Migratory Birds of Yamuna

Mersi Expo

"Mersi" is the name of bird watching activities that are commonly scheduled by BIONIC (Biology UNY Ornithology Club). The word “Mersi” represents an acronym of the Javanese word “Mersani Peksi”, which means to watch birds. Activity "Mersi" has taken place for 3 years running, but in this year (2008), it is carried out as an exhibition or expo event to touch broader scope of people.


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