Music, dance and lectures to celebrate migratory birds

Nature Conservation Committee in association with Birds Bangladesh, Nijhumdweep Wetland Center will organise music, dance and a lecture on saving migratory birds. A film will be shown on migratory birds as well as a bird photo exhibition. A children painting contest on birds will also be part of the programme.

WMBD celebrations in Kosovo

The organisation FINCH will implement a WMBD event for the first time in Kosovo. We are planning to have a meeting in the centre of the city of Prizren, the second biggest city in Kosovo. Preparations are underway to organize the same meeting in the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina.
The WMBD activity will include birdwatching sessions at the river of Drini where different kinds of migratory birds can be seen.
The event aims to make people aware for the protection of migratory birds.

Wings Over Weston

A day of bird hikes, demonstrations, booths, games, music, food, and live birds from Operation Wildlife. Tents and booths will be based at the overlook and shelter areas of the park.

Open to the general public 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Free of charge.

With the purpose of raising awareness of the region as an Important Bird Area (IBA) - which is an area of importance to birds that breed here, or depend on the available food and shelter during migration.

2010 World Migratory Bird Day

The Brisbane City Council in Australia is celebrating the '2010 World Migratory Bird Day' with a free community music festival on 9 May 2010.

This festival aims to raise awareness on protecting migratory birds and their habitat.

7th Annual Crane & Sheep Festival

Come join us in Faro for a 3-day event for the whole family - the yearly migration of Sandhill Cranes over the Tintina Trench is a sight not to be missed!

Please visit also our website at:

The flight of the birds is in danger – every year the earth changes

As part of WMBD, the Israel Nature & Parks Authority invites the public to participate in experiential mark for migratory birds;"Endangered bird - the Earth is changing every year"! - Program including: guided tours, information station on migratory birds, birding quiz, bird photo exhibition, bird ringing by a qualified ornithologist, poster competition awards carries family. At 13:00hrs: release of rehabilitated birds from the Wildlife Hospital – Common & Honny Buzzards.
Guided tours will be held at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00; Ringing will be done until 11:00.

Celebra con SEO/BirdLife el WMBD 2011 - Celebrate WMBD 2011 with SEO/BirdLife

Puntos de observación de aves en espacios naturales y otras actividades: cursos, maratón ornitológico, feria y festival.

Spots for bird watching in natural areas and other activities: bird courses, ornithological marathon, exhibition and festivals.

Ciclo de conferencias magistrales de avifauna migratoria - Cycle of lectures on migratory birds

Durante la mañana del sabádo 14 de mayo del 2011 la Dirección Provincial de Santa Elena del Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador MAE, desarrolló un ciclo de conferencias magistrales sobre avifauna migratoria, con el objetivo de difundir los avances de estudios sobre avifauna migratoria realizado en el país dirigido a jóvenes estudiantes y el sector turístico de la ciudad de Salinas, con el fin de unirse a la celebración del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias.

Visits to schools to give talks awareness

Awareness talks about the importance of preserving natural areas as an effective way to protect biodiversity, focusing on migratory birds arriving in Jujuy.


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