Once again bringing you the good news of our avian conservation initiative now in its sixth year, creating yet another wonderful opportunity for you all to contribute by your participation in this, a truly international bird conservation activity in Uttarakhand Himalayas. Please go through the details and respond ASAP. The Participation is purely on first come first serve basis, so please hurry to avoid disappointment later.

Friends, after the great grand success of our previous “GREAT HIMALAYAN BIRD COUNTS - since 2008” where till date more than 1400+ birdwatchers, rural students & conservationists participated from across the country including overseas, we now gladly intimate the dates for our 5th truly international conservation initiative focusing our feathered friends and a dedicated program with socio-economic as well as environmental objectives!

“The 6th Great Himalayan Bird Count, Winter of 2013” which is planned on 72 most popular trekking trails situated in the river-valleys of Tons; Yamuna; Pabbar; Kamal Nadi; Aglar; Bhagirithi; Bhilingna; Ganga; Mandakini and Alaknanda in Garhwal Himalayas including Asan & Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserves plus Bhimgauda Barrage in Dehradun & Haridwar districts respectively. (Adding Two New Trails in Kumaon this year) Landscape covers diverse bird-habitats from wetlands to alpine meadows in Uttarakhand Himalayas.

The proposed dates for the Bird Count are: 18th to 21st of October, 2013

The bird count will start and finish at Dehradun

We propose 21 Groups undertaking 72 different treks of +/- 10 kms each between 18th to 21st of October, 2013 (Each Group size will be a maximum of 5/7 birders plus 2/3 urban school/college students) plus local village youths, forest-line staff and govt. school students from nearby villages might also join the trails at the respective count destination itself.

We are involving & encouraging students’ participation; because we at ARCH strongly feel that young minds should start thinking of Conservation involvement as an academic and career pursuit instead of just another creative past-time.

This event will be organized with the support of Forest Department, Govt. of Uttarakhand.

There will be an Orientation and Debriefing Workshop at Dehradun on the 18th to 21st of October, 2013 respectively.

The 18th and 21st are also the dates for to-&-fro journey to/from the respective count destinations.

Most of the groups will be undertaking minimum two trails during the Count but one or two groups will be undertaking 3-4 trails in the Count.

It’s a baseline data generation & conservation awareness activity involving young minds.

Participants will also enjoy an amazing Bird Photo and Bird Books Exhibition on the 18th October at the Orientation Workshop Venue at Dehradun.

Some count groups will accommodate local youths from the count area and will provide required orientation & motivation to take-up bird watching as a revenue generation skill by becoming future birding guides in their local area.

Some groups are also encouraged to conduct small workshop type interactions with the local village elders to generate a list of vernacular names of the bird species found in different river valleys. They are also expected to document any references occurring in oral folk.

This is a purely non-commercial activity, so we expect the participants to compensate by donating the value of lodging, boarding & travel expenses incurred during the count. The donation contribution for four days of dedicated jeep travel, boarding and lodging + sponsoring a village youth would now come to Rs 5,000/- which will be used for ARCH’s operating expenses for bird conservation efforts throughout the year.

Each participant might get a complimentary participation kit consisting of an assorted collection of embossed all weather Knap-Sack, T-Shirt, Cap, Car/Bike Stickers, String Pen, Participation Certificate, collectors bird merchandize and a Table Momento and more, plus a hard copy of the published report of our previous Great Himalayan Bird Count.

Your participation will also ensure that your name will also appear in our hard copy published report of 6th Great Himalayan Bird Count – 2013.

During the count modest but comfortable lodging & boarding on sharing basis (nostalgic British time forest rest houses) will be arranged at some wonderfully located heritage properties of forest and PWD Inspection Bungalows, Tents and even village home-stays at some of the trails during the count. (Pl. note this is not a travel house conducted tour and the accommodation is on sharing basis) But like our previous years participants call it an experience and most of them come again and again every year, so much so this year too we’ll have many participants who’ll be joining us for the 6th time.

Friends, as most of the trails require some endurance and trekking skills but we also have some very comfortable bird count transacts for our elderly birdwatchers.

Friends now you know the dates, so plan your schedules accordingly and kindly let us know of your intention (with your trekking & birding experience of Himalayan bird species) to participate in this wonderful Himalayan birding and trekking opportunity at the earliest.

Friends the participation is strictly on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS and we can only accommodate maximum of 225 birders/participants only, so you’ll have to hurry.

Kindly take an early initiative to avoid any disappointments later by sending in your Application along with donation of Rs 5,000/- per person now (only few participation berths left now)

Participation Berths Availability Details:

Total Seats: 225 Numbers
For Indian Nationals: 195 Numbers
For Overseas Participants: 10 Numbers
Sponsored Participation Quota: 20 Numbers

Pl. Note: Sponsored Quota is applicable to the last remaining 20 seats and from this, along with your participation, we’ll sponsor participation of 20 bright rural students from Garhwal, so that they can be motivated & sensitized to become future local area birding guides in their village area.

Donation Contribution Details:

For Indian Nationals: (Now) Rs 5,000.00 (Applicable till 9th April only)
For Overseas Participants: US$ 300.00 (Payable in Indian Rupees)
Sponsored Participation Quota: Rs 7,500.00 (for last 20 participation berths)

Advance Booking for 7th GHBC 2014: Rs 2,500.00 or US$ 50.00 as Donation to ARCH

Kindly take an early booking initiative to avoid any disappointments later by sending in your Participation Form duly filled along with a donation contribution of Rs 5,000/- (Overseas Participants: US$ 300.00 Equivalent payable in Indian Rupees) now, at the address mentioned below or you can also make an electronic money transfer directly by depositing Rs 5,000/- on any branch of Indian Bank in your town/city favoring “ACTION & RESEARCH FOR CONSERVATION IN HIMALAYAS, DEHRADUN” in our bank account. Here are the Bank‘s details if you wish to submit your participation fee through net-banking.

Bank: Indian Bank, Branch: Astley Hall, Dehradun
Current A/c No. 794568161
IFSC Code: IDIB000D024
MICR Code: 248019002

Address for Courier: Prateek Panwar (Founder Trustee ARCH)
Villa # 36, Rajpur Road Enclave, Dhoran Khas (Near IT Park),
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001 INDIA
Tel No: +91-9412054216

Pl. Note: As an equal opportunity policy at ARCH we adhere to FIRST COME FIRST SERVE principle.

Each Group size is restricted to 7-9 birders only, so please hurry... and call us at +91-9412054216

On hearing from you we’ll furnish you the Count Trails and Registration formalities at the outset.

Garhwal is a divine place to visit for a truly amazing himalayan birding (it would be mostly Lifers for many of you) & a memorable Himalayan outdoors roughing-it-out experience.

I also request you to kindly forward it to all your birding friends with your strong words of recommendation for this Himalayan outdoors experience.

“Happy Birding and May you have many rare sightings and new records”

Thanking you

Yours in Bird Conservation always,

Prateek Panwar
Founder Trustee
Prateek Panwar (Founder Trustee ARCH)
Hon State Coordinator, IBCN/BNHS, Uttarakhand
Expert Committee Member, State Biodiversity Board
Villa # 36, Rajpur Road Enclave, Dhoran Khas (Near IT Park),
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001 INDIA

Tel# 9412054216
Email: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: Participants will be governed by the provisions of the Indian Forest Act, 1927 & Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 in addition to the other laws of the land.

Please Note and Suggest to friends: As an effort to bring our organization on sustainable economic footing we also design & execute special Himalayan bird watching n trekking camps, also on offer are wildlife safaris in Rajaji National Park. On special request same can be arranged for schools and corporate houses. Please support our cause by visiting our area for a himalayan birding, wildlife and trekking experience. You can contact us separately for that anytime. Pl. call +91-9412054216


Last Date to Submit Early Registration: 9th April 2013
Last Date to Submit Early Bird Registration: 18th July 2013
Sponsored Participation Quota: after 18th Aug 2013

Note: From your sponsored quota donation we will sponsor participation of 25+ bright young minds from villages in garhwal region so that we can provide opportunity to them as future local area birding guides.

Arrival at Dehradun: 18th of October 2013 latest by 08.30 hrs for the Orientation
Actual Count Days: 19th and 20th October 2013
Debriefing & Concluding
Workshop at Dehradun: Starting at 1430 hrs. on the 21st of October 2013
End of all our responsibilities: At 1900 hrs on the 21st of October 2013

You may also kindly explore our FACEBOOK LINKS and Register:!/events/188319561285112/?fref=ts

Anticipated Outcome:

• This count will act as a benchmark for more future studies in the given area.
• This count will involve young intellect with the intention to prepare them as future ambassadors of bird watching and wildlife conservation.


“Action & Research for Conservation in Himalayas – ARCH” is established for the beneficial promotion and to save the endangered animal and plant life and their habitats in the country with special emphasis to its “avifaunal diversity” India is at the tri junction of three bio-geographical realms. Due to extensive use of chemical manuring, insecticides, pesticides etc, loss of habitat, environmental pollution, and continuous use of drugs such as Diclofinac etc with avifaunal diversity now most threatened in our country. With Himalayan Quail and Pink Headed Duck already feared to be extinct, whereas Jerodn’s Courser, Son-Chirya and Spotted Owlet are at the verge of extinction. It is strongly felt that the endangered flora & fauna, especially the birds cannot be saved without active support & efforts of all sections of society. The involvements of various organizations and individuals the world over would be required jointly with the government efforts to conserve the species diversity. “ARCH” is being formed with its primary objectives of strengthening species conservation in India.

ACTION & RESEARCH FOR CONSERVATION IN HIMALAYAS is seeking alliance and working association with international/local conservation focused organizations with common objectives. Write to us now at Email: [email protected].

Some of the pioneering avian conservation programs initiated by ARCH are:

• “The Great Himalayan Bird Count” held every year in winter since 2008 where more than 650 bird watchers from all corners of India and overseas along with 800+ rural youth participate to generate a avian base-line population dynamics data from all river valleys of Garhwal Division in Uttarakhand in partnership with Forest Department.

• “House Sparrow Nest Box Adoption Program” initiated on the 1st World House Sparrow Day after two years of field trials and then formally launched from the Governor’s House on 3rd of May 2010. A bird conservation initiative achieving multiple conservation objectives from a single activity. So far our Nest Boxes have added more than 2000 Sparrows + Oriental Magpies Robins & Brahminy Starlings to the environment since 2008.

(1) To provide an safe predator-proof nesting space to a species in distress
(2) To involve common people by motivating them to install these nest boxes in their homes and record observations wherever possible
(3) To adopt villages on the periphery and installing nest boxes in the houses without any cost to support remaining populations of house sparrows.

• “Khel Khel Mae” A year-round free-of-cost creative expression workshop for the marginalized children of nine villages in Maldevta cluster in Raipur Block in Distt Dehradun since October 2009.

• “Arch Conservation Leadership Awards” Given every year for lifetime achievement to people dedicating life to the cause of bird conservation and promoting environmental awareness in India.

• “Arch Traveling Bird Photo Exhibition” Our very first 7 days exhibition in Nov 2009 was visited by more than 5000 school & college students at the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi which was inaugurated by Hon’ble HRD Minister Mr Kapil Sibbal and the concluding ceremony was presided by Mrs Salma Ansari, wife of Hon’ able Vice President of India.

• “Lets Rediscover The Himalayan Quail Again” This decade long internationally important bird conservation initiative involving overseas volunteers, village elders and rural youth from the presumed habitat of this extinct bird which was last seen in 1876. We seek year-round local/overseas volunteers to share their knowledge / time & recourses on the presumed habitat as per their convenience and availability.

• “Summer Bird Watching Mountain Camps” specially designed to cater to the need for sensitization of urban young minds from niche schools like The DOON SCHOOL and using birds as a medium of inquiry into the natural world.

• “Indian Bird Conservation Network” Founder Trustee ARCH has been given added responsibility of IBCN-BNHS State Coordinator for Uttarakhand.

• “Affiliation with The National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi” as Dehradun Centre.
Bal Bhavan is an institution which aims at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability. It offers a barrier-free environment with immense possibilities of innovation, minus any stress or strain. Bal Bhavan is an autonomous body under the ministry of HRD, Government of India.

Would you like to join hands and contribute in our efforts to save birds, please convey your intention for any association, write to us at: [email protected]


As you are aware, that ARCH is working with young minds from rural mountain villages using birds as a medium of enquiry into nature so that they can acquire skills as future local area birding guides, which will address their livelihood and sustenance issues and would also help in stopping the “Outward Migration for livelihood opportunities” and to help them get close to birds we require donations of Used Old Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Discarded Digital Cameras, Laptops (Min. Pentium IV), Field Guides and old Environment/Ecology/Wildlife/Potography/Development Issues/Bird books and field guides for our library. Kindly send us these items only if they are in good working conditions. Call now: +91-9412054216 Prateek .

We welcome you all to the ever growing ARCH Family of citizen scientists committed to the conservation of avian diversity of our great country.

Pl. Note: Participation is only subject to final written confirmation from ARCH office and the event dates are proposed and if - there happen to be a change of schedule, due to unavoidable circumstances, then the organizers are and will be free from any claim(s) or liabilities arising due to cancellation of participant(s) travel and hotel bookings.
Few Seats left! Register now!! Hurry!!!

Let me know if there is anything else I can be doing to support you in your efforts to bring in your friends and to make it a life time memory.

As always, you can reach me at +91 94120 54216

Save Trees - Please don’t take a print of this mail until it is needed.
Save Electricity - Please Switch Off the monitor of the computer when you’re not on your system as monitor alone consumes 90% of the power.

Please support us by associating with us for your support, experience and networking as we have been working with young minds from marginalized rural mountain communities by imparting skills as future birding guides for their economic sustainability and we are doing this without any govt. funding or grant support and we are looking for friends who can work with us on mutual conservation objectives.


For Overseas Money Transfer:

Please tell your bank to mention the swift code in the transaction along with other details.


Current A/c No. 794568161
Bank: Indian Bank, Branch: Dehradun

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