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Bonn, 30 March 2015 - Each year on the second weekend in May, dedicated organizations, governments and people around the world plan events to mark World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) celebrating migratory birds and raising awareness about the need for their conservation. Since World Migratory Bird Day began in 2006, events have been held in 130 countries and this year we hope to reach even more people and organizations to connect and work together towards conserving migratory birds and their habitats worldwide.

World Migratory Bird Day in Romania

Every year the National Bird Day is celebrated in Romania on 1 April. Because it is an old tradition for our country we decided to include this event in the celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day. We organized several activities meant to attract people’s attention on birds and the need to protect them.

Anillado de Petrel Gigante

Se anillaron 108 individuos (juveniles) de Macronectes giganteus, algunos de fase blanca.

China Coastal Waterbird Survey

CCWS is a synchronized survey of waterbirds along the long coastal line of China. It is a very important survey in that it is already producing important waterbird information that is very significant in terms of conservation. Not only can we monitor the species population, we can also monitoring the effectiveness of the sites. The first CCWS began in September 2005.

Seabird Migration Survey in Southern and Southeastern Hong Kong waters, Spring 2006

To conduct a survey on migrant seabirds in southern and southeastern Hong Kong waters during spring passage time in order to fill up the information gap of present knowledge about the abundance and distribution of migrant seabirds in Hong Kong waters which is essential to the conservation of these species.

Awareness Campaign on Migratory Bird Species and the Avian Influenza in Sri Lanka

Our activities for the WMBD:

1. Continue the National Bird Ringing program specially to study the migrant species
2. Conduct a lecture on “Latest on Bird Flu & Migratory Birds” at the University of Colombo by the foremost ornithologist in the country, Prof.S.W.Kotagama
3. Awareness among the mass public through newspaper articles, electronic media
4. Organized a research + excursion covering the 8/9 April weekend to Yala East National Park

Teachers and Media People Awareness Workshop on World Migratory Birds

7.30: Morning Birdwalk at the Ponds in the University of Dar es Salaam.
9.00: Group Discussion on the identified birds
10.00-12.00: Presentation on Migratory Birds by a resource person (from WCST)
13.00-15.00: Demonstration on the use of Teachers guidebooks to the Birds of Dar es Salaam

Sierra Leone National Celebration Programme for WMBD

1.Production and distribution of wareness raising materials (posters, t-shirts etc.)
2.School Nature Drama Competition
3.Sensitisation parade in the streets of Freetown
4.Media sensitisation pogramme (TV, UN Radio)
5.Bird watching excursion to Aberdeen and Congo Bay

Awareness raising among children

Our activties involved:
1. Awareness among the mass public through
a. involvement of media (general articles &
informations on the migratory bird of local
b. taking excursions in the nearby waterbodies
or terrestrial habitats
c. delivering lectures on ornithology and
avifauna of concerned areas as accrding to
the target groups
d. informal discussions and meetings with the
nature lovers and amateur brdwatchers

Migratory Birds in Botswana

Different activities are planned:
1. Press release on WMBD in the Botswana media
2. Publication on migrating birds in different magazines
3. Printing of T-Shirts with migratory waterbirds
4. Educational Activity for teachers
5. Information Panels on migratory waterbirds that will be shown in the Gaborone and Maun BirdLife Offices
6. Video show for Biology students in the University of Botswana


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