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World Migratory Bird Day newsletter

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Public walk to create awareness on the Houbara Bustard

The topography and climate of Pakistans provence Baluchistan have a great attraction to migratory birds coming from the freezing Central Asian Republic and Siberia. The Houbara Bustard is one of these migratory birds that come to Pakistan every year during the month of October & November. Their return usually starts during February & March.

Beach Clean-up and bird count

The beach clean-ups are a weekly event over the summer. Organized by K's path and en.V (former animal rescue organization and the latter an environmental NGO) with two main sponsors.
Purpose is to clean up the beaches along the migratory bird route in Kuwait.
Since two weeks I am with a group of volunteers and as an amateur birder recording the birds and cleaning up the beach.

Migratory Bird Exhibition and WMBD Workshop at Jammu University Department of Environmental Sciences jointly with WWF-India, J&K

Photo exhibition of Migratory Birds at Gharana wetland and WMBD Workshop at the Department of Environmental Sciences Jammu University jointly with WWF-India, J&K. About 100 university and school students will attend the event. Five keynote speakers will speak about the Bar-headed Goose, Black-necked Crane, wetlands and migratory routes.

Tree planting in degraded parts of the forest at Mt Kenya

Tree planting and education talk on WBMD at the Mt Kenya Resource centre. School children and community groups are invited to participate and will try to target more than 100 persons, to whom we will offer bird watching and bird recording.

Mauritanie carrefour des oiseaux migrateurs

La Mauritanie, un pays de rencontres:
La Mauritanie est depuis des siècles un carrefour de cultures, point de passage obligatoire des caravanes entre l’Afrique et la Méditerranée, croisement d’influences paléarctiques et afro-tropicales. Les zones humides mauritaniennes sont les premières à accueillir les oiseaux migrateurs du Nord en automne, qui se mélangent pendant l’hiver avec des oiseaux d'origines tropicales qui réalisent eux aussi des migrations régionales Sud - Nord.

New members meeting

This event is meant for new members of our society, who will receive an introduction of our organisation. It should also be a motivation for our active doers. Additionally, the event includes an exhibition for optics and birding gear as well as birdwatching activities.

Guided birdwatching tour on the Island of Sylt

The "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" will offer a guided birdwatching tour with a National Park Ranger on the occasion of World Migratory Bird Day 2011. Participants will be informed about migratory birds and bird migration in general.

Photo exhibition of Migratory Birds of Gharana Wetland

Gharana Wetland is situated at the Indian-Pakistan border in Jammu (India) where every year thousand of migratory birds arrive. Unfortunately, this bird paradise is highly threatened by human influence.
Our bird photo exhibition wants to raise awareness among local people for the protection of migratory birds and the need to save this wetland. More than 150 pictures of migratory birds of Gharana wetland will be displayed during the exhibition to which also 10 to 15 school children are also invited to participate.

Recognizing World Migratory Bird Day

The Burns Bog Conservation Society is writing to the Corporation of Delta to sign a proclamation to declare May 14, 15, 2011 as World Migratory Bird Day.
A minimum of 103 different bird migratory bird species have been identified as using Burns Bog which is part of the Pacific Flyway.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

In the district of Dharwad, there have been many lakes and water tanks, providing safe spots for many different migratory bird species. Some years ago, thousands of migratory birds used to come during the migratory season to these areas. Now, due to urbanization and pollution of these weltands there has been a tremendous decrease in the arrival of migratory birds.


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