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World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

In the district of Dharwad, there have been many lakes and water tanks, providing safe spots for many different migratory bird species. Some years ago, thousands of migratory birds used to come during the migratory season to these areas. Now, due to urbanization and pollution of these weltands there has been a tremendous decrease in the arrival of migratory birds.
Therefore, on the occasion of ‘World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)’ Hubli-Dharwad Nagarik Parisar Samithi, a Non-Governmental Organization, will do an awareness raisign campaign in Dharwad city to make people aware for migratory birds and the threats their are facing.


  • To raise awareness among children and people of Dharwad for the protection of migratory birds;
  • To encourage wild life photographers to join this event;
  • To record data of the current status and situation of migratory bird occuring in the district;
  • To do our utmost to increase awareness for migratory birds in this area.

Celebration Details

  • Nature Bird Watch for Children
    On the 14th of May, there will be a nature bird watch for school children. The children will be at least 12 years old. Binoculars will be distributed among the children to be able to watch birds in far distances. Birdwacthing will take place within 5 kilometres of the city. Since the children have to walk to see the birds, the necessary arrangements will be done by the organization. The timing of the walk will be from 7 am – 10 am.
  • Wildlife Photography Exhibition
    On behalf of this occasion a photography exhibition will be organized on the topic of migratory birds. For this, an immediate advertisement in the daily papers will be published calling for participants. The complete printing and displaying of the photose will be done by the organization. For the exhibition, a convenient central place in the middle of the city will be selected.
  • Showing of movie
    A movie for children will be shown to inform them about the importance of migratory birds. For this, a hall with all the necessary arrangements of showing the movie will be selected.
  • Lecture and closing ceremony
    At the end of the day, there will be a lecture on the current status of migratory birds in our region by two noted persons in this field. There will also be an interaction session with nature lovers. For this a proper hall with good sound system etc, will be arranged by the organizers.
  • Raising of funds
    Much prior to the WMBD celebration, the organizers have raised the necessary funds needed for this event by the help of donors, ruling leaders, banks, private organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations etc. The remaining costs will be covered by Parisar Samithi.
Dharwad 15° 27' 32.1264" N, 75° 0' 28.1088" E
Start date: 
Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 00:00
End date: 
Sunday, May 15, 2011 - 02:00