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World Migratory Bird Day newsletter

World Migratory Bird Day newsletter categories

Presentation of a poster at the exhibition \"Birds of the Osijek city area\"

The Museum of Slavonia will participate in the WMBD by presenting a poster that illustrates the global climate change and birds of the Osijek city area. The poster will be presented as part of the exhibition Birds of the Osijek City Area which is shown at the museum.


BirdTrack is an exciting project that looks at migration movements of birds through Britain and Ireland and also studies the distributions of scarce birds. BirdTrack allows recorders to store and manage their own bird records, which can then be downloaded by County Bird Recorders. The results contribute to our knowledge of birds and to their conservation at national, regional and local scales.

World Migratory Bird Day with Kereita Environmental Volunteers

Memebers meet at 8.30 a.m. at the old Kijabe Environment Volunteers Office. Activities for the day include birding at the Bathi dam, a procession through Kimende town, tree planting,talks and a video. Refreshments will be served after the event,

Workshop on sustainable hunting of migratory birds and obligations of Mediterranean Third Countries under the relevant multilateral environmental agreements

This is a workshop in the framework of the LIFE project on Sustainable hunting of migratory birds in the Mediterranean Third Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, and Tunisia). The project is being implemented by BirdLife International and the BirdLife’s national partners in Tunisia (Les Amis des Oiseaux) and Lebanon (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon). The AEWA Secretariat is partnering through co-funding to the workshop.

This purpose of this workshop is to:

Migratory bird - Graceful beauty

Citizens gathering to mark the event, through slide-show, lectures, and photo exihibition. To demonstrate the importance of migratory birds, and show how climate change will negatively impact them. (Venue: City Hall - Dubai Municipality, 13 May 2007)

III. International Eskikaraagac Stork Festival

The stork festival is part and result of a stork conservation project called” Stork friendly villages around Lake Uluabat”, which has been initiated and is kooperated by Prof. Ismet Arici and Franziska Arici, supported by several GO’s and NGO’s.

The festival itself is organized by a committee and supported and financed by the Municipality of Nilüfer, the Nilüfer Local Agenda and other GO’s and NGO’s.

The programme of the festival:

1. Day Workshop - Lake Uluabat: discussing the problems and identifying solutions

with the following presentations, for example:

Cologne Bird Dairy

The Cologne Bird Dairy is collecting continuously data about birds that have been visited around Cologne.

Cicogna Day (Stork Day)

Public Stork Census
White Stork/Bird Watching
Cultural games and programmes
Cooperation with schools
White Stork Center Festival

Birding in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica

This event is a year-round hiking and birding event for all bird enthusiats.

Bosque Del Tolomuco is located in Perez Zeledon, at 1650 metres in elevation. The property has 40 hectares with 4KM of fine hiking trails.
The bird count is up to 170 and growing because not all of the birds have been identified yet. The facility has 5 cabins and can accommodate up to 14 people. Also, located directly across from Cerro Chirripo and Cordillera Talamanca, South of Fila Zapotales. Spectacular views of Los Crestones, Chirripo, the Osa Peninsula, the Pacific, Isla del Cano and more.


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