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World Migratory Bird Day newsletter

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Shorebird Banding (Ringing)

We will be going out in the field to catch Bar-tailed Godwit prior to their departure from Rhyll, Victoria, Australia, on their northward migration. We will find out how much they weigh which will tell us how much fuel they have on board and how far they can fly in one leap - probaly all the way to the Yellow Sea in China. We will also be placing an orange leg flag on each bird which indicates that they come from Victoria. You could help us by watching for colour flagged birds. Send details to [email protected]

BirdLife Africa\'s 7th e-bulletin highlights World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)!

The 7th BirdLife Africa E-Bulletin is featuring an article on World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD). It gives an overview of the plans for the launching event in Kenya and how the BirdLife Africa Secretariat is supporting WMBD. The E-Bulletin is circulated throughout Africa.

Migratory Bird Day in Cyprus

Migratory Bird Day
30 April 2006, Limassol, Akrotiri Lake
Organized by the
CIC Migratory Birds Commission
in partnership with
CMS, AEWA, Cyprus Game Fund, FACE and BirdLife

Roundtable Ministry for Nature Protection of Turkmenistan

1. Speech of welcome of the Deputy of Minister of Nature Protection, Turkmenistan, Dr Dj. Saparmuradov.
2. Presentation of the National Coordinator of IBA/CA Birdlife International in Turkmenistan, prof. Rustamov E.A.
3. Discussions

Insieme per i Migratori - Together for migratory birds

Every year the FMF-HMF organize, with the support of NABU (Germany) and Legambiente (Italy) an international camp for monitoring prenutial raptors migration on the Central Mediterranean Sea. At the same time FMF-HMF organizes educational activities for local schools and other interested people. As from this year FMF organizes special invitations at the Fortino for the WMBD event.

Bird release on the occasion of WMBD at the Kochav HaYarden National Park

The site is part of the Rift Valley, which is an important passage for bird migration: The public (including regional schools) is invited to take part in the release of 6 rehabilitated raptors (Levant sparrowhawk, Black kite, Steppe buzzard & Marsh harrier) that where injured due to anthropogenic factors while migrating back north. The emphasize is laying on the dangers that human impose to migratory birds in Israel & the Middle East. The release will be covered by main media channels in Israel.

WMBD 2007 in Cameroon

i) -Awareness campaigns on WMBD, wild birds, climate change and African Flyways in schools (primary school, Secondary/High School and University)
ii) -Meeting with an association of poultry farmers to share information on the role of wild birds in the progation of bird flu.
iii) -Search, arrange and distribute handouts related to migratory birds, bird flu, African flyway and climate change
iv) -Press briefing/media coverage/interviews on the role of migratory birds in a changing climate and information on Africa Flyway concept.

Restauracion de bosque seco tropical en el campus de la Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia (Restoration of tropical dry forest in the campus of the University of Magdalena, Colombia)

El bosque seco tropical en la region Caribe en Colombia es el ecosistema mas amenazado con menos de 1,5% en condiciones naturales.
La conservacion de los ultimos fragmentos y la recuperacion y restauracion de los habitats es de gran importancia para la conservacion de los aves migratorias de Estados Unidos y Canada.
Los bosques secos en Colombia son los primeros habitats naturales cuales las aves migratorias encuentran despues sobrevolando el mar caribe.

AEWA Festival

On the 2nd of June 2007, SPNL will be celebrating WMBD in Kfar Zabad Wetland as it is a newly established Important Bird Area (IBA) and a Hima (community protected area), under its global theme for this year theme \"Migratory birds in a changing climate\".
SPNL\'s aim in celebrating this event is to enlighten the public in general and children in particular on the intriguing aspect of bird biology, climate change, bird migration and the importance of Hima Kfar Zabad as a main route for African-Eurasian waterbirds.


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