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World Migratory Bird Day newsletter

World Migratory Bird Day newsletter categories

Start of the Common Birds Monitoring scheme in Serbia

This year's World Migratory Bird Day celebrations involve extensive monitoring activities.

Inferior Mirage

The exhibition displays pictures of Australian birds

Stop Illegal Hunting on Northern Bald Ibises

Information and Fund Raising campaign for internationally coordinated activities against illegal hunting on the highly endangered Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) in the Middle East (Jordan, Saudi Arabia) and Europe (Italy).

The conservation project Waldrappteam (www.waldrapp.eu) collaborates with the German Heinz Sielmann beneficence and the Zoo Institution.

Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary Field Day & Open House

The celebrations start on Saturday. We will host the North Okanagan Naturalists Club for a "bioblitz" of the Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary.

The event continues on Sunday. We will host a public open house for all nature lovers with the aim to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day and the International Year of Biodiversity.

World Migratory Bird Day 2010

This year's WMBD event will be taking place on Rawal Lake in Islamabad.

The event involves birdwatching activities and a poster on Rawal Lake's birds.
Moreover, school children and the media environment journalists forum will be present.

We are also showing a documentary with the title "Waterfowl in Pakistan" made by the Pakistan Wetlands Programme WWF-P and educate on threatened birds species.

Migratory Birds

Did you know that 8,000 to 10,000 of the world's 1.7 million described species migrate? Most animals migrate for different food sources, a place to over-winter and/or to reproduce. Migrating species are found in every ecosystem on land, in the water and of course, in the air.

This film will allow you to ride along the voyages of 4 different types of migratory birds that spend a part of their life cycle in Canada and show what is done to ensure their survival.

Inventory of the nests of migratory birds in urban areas

The Croatian Society for Bird and Nature Protection is organizing the collection and archiving of data on the locations of nests and colonies of migratory birds in towns and villages all over Croatia. Participation in this action refers to the general public.

In recent years, CSBNP received most information from its members, other nature lovers, but also from the media regarding the law of strictly protected homeland species. The situation has deteriorated significantly, especially in urban areas. The nests are falling down, some even in times of breeding.

Dia Mundial de las aves migratorias - World Migratory Bird Day

This year's event involves activities related to migratory birds and their habitats. All communities living closeby to this ecosystem are educated through enviromental education activities and programs.

Celebrating Migratory Birds in Tunisia

As in previous years, celebrations for World Migratory Bird Day, organized by the Association ‹‹Les Amis des Oiseaux›› (AAO), the BirdLife Partner in Tunisia, are running over the period from April to May.

AAO and its national partners started with a National Bird Migration Camp at the Important Bird Area (IBA) TN004 Jebel El Haouaria (also known as Jebel Sidi Abiod) on the Cape Bon from 3 to 11 April 2010.

Tunza Chemi Chemi Project: Conservation of the IBAs Busia Grasslands/Sio Port

The Tunza Chemi Chemi is a project that was launched by the Muungano Development Gateways organisation in September 2009. It is a partnership project and a voluntary initiative, which aims to protect Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Kenya. Currently 8 community based groups and youth environment clubs in 12 schools are supporting the project. The Partnership provides a framework for local network cooperation, including: Development of an IBA Site Network between the IBAs Sio Port and Busia Grasslands, which are both very important for migratory birds.


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