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Big Foot Forward Festival

Don't Stand By Stand UP and Put your Bigfoot Forward and help us Save our Eagleby Wetlands where we are hosting an exciting and fun-filled open day to celebrate World Migratory Birds Day on: 12th October at Olivers Sports Grounds from 11am.There will be a huge variety of stalls and activities for the whole family including BigFoot's WILDTRIBE guided walks, bandslikeMayan Fox and LIVE  music on stage, bush poetry ,our Locally famous Ukelade Band, children’s activities, art exhibitions, Indigenous cultural activities and see important Scar Trees( centuries old), drinks for adults,birding,beer,and BBQ food ,theatre,street art painted LIVE and lots lots more. This year we will be featuring our heroes helping to protect our wetlands from the Coomera Connector which will divide our Eagleby in the MotorWay Upgrade and if it goes through we will loose this important wetlands.Join us in the wilderness  and xperience screen free fun.

We wish to showcase our Wetlands and its beauty that will be lost if the Highway Connector goes through it - we invite all to see why celebrities such as Pierce Bronson,TomCruise and Huge Jackman among many others come to bird at our wetlands which boasts 203 Australian Wild Birds and visitors such as Latham's Snipe and also 19 of 24 Australian Raptors as well as being an important International Flyway. Unite and help us raise public awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands to save our precious migratory birds.

Olivers Sports Grounds & Eagleby Wetlands Logan Street Logan Street
Eagleby 27° 42' 33.0768" S, 153° 13' 34.6908" E
Start date: 
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 13:30
End date: 
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 15:30
Save Our Eagleby Wetlands