Bird Camp

Bird ringing and Birdwatching in Asinara National Park - Sardinia (Italy)

During our project of bird ringing to study the spring migration of birds (2018 is the 21st year of activity of our ringing station), we will also complete a detailed list of all the sightings of birds during the weekend and we will greet all the visitors of the National Park, explaining them the migration routes and the ecology of birds, and raising awareness about conservation.

Yala wetland conservation

The event will bring community and schools together in an educational activity with a mission to conserve Yala wetland and its habitat. The event aims to unite environment conservation clubs, environmentalist and conservation partners. 

World Migratory Bird Day

We are running Khurkh Bird ringing station in below location since 2015. This year we are planning to invite two classes of students from two nearest county high schools (Khurkh and Binder town). 

Approximately, 100 students will see our ringing station during 12-13th May, they will learn about how study bird migration and bird ringing helps bird conservation. 


World Migratory Bird Day birdwalks on IBAs

Birdwalks timed to the World Migratory Bird Day will be organized on IBAs in three different regions of Uzbekistan. On IBA ‘Dalverzin hunting-management area’, for instance, birdwalks for local people and visitors of this site will be focused on breeding biome species of the unique riparian forest. This event will be in line with ‘We need this forest!’ campaign aimed at the restoration and maintenance of the riparian forest in Dalverzin.

Annual Bird Festival at Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge

Join us Saturday, May 12th for our Annual Bird Festival at Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge from 8 am to 12:30 pm with "Early Bird" hikes starting at 7 am. Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day with outdoor and indoor activities throughout the day! Participate in one of our special birding hikes or watch how biologists band wild birds! Check out our fun kid friendly activities! Bring your camera for an informal tips and tricks session, or bring your smartphone or other device to learn about brilliant birding apps!

Education on The World Migratory Bird Day in Kosovo

As usual NGO "FINCH" organized this annual event in Kosovo too. 

It organized it first to the Lake of Brezne and then climbed up at the camp of Limth in Dragashi Municipality where we think is the best bird place in Kosovo, one can find different species of birds and their habitat.

Awareness sessions and visits of Shamsi bird camp kandhkot

Sindh Public Development Organization (SPDO) kashmore working for Migratory Birds since 2011, Our Organization conduct many awareness sessions with birds hunters. SPDO take Decision celebrate World Migratory Day at birds hunting places of kandhkot and aware to Hunters about Migratory Birds, and Visite Shamsi Bird Camp Kandhkot.

Suivi de la migration à la Pointe de Grave 2017

La LPO Aquitaine, assure le suivi de la migration à la Pointe de Grave depuis 1984. Ce camp de migration fonctionne chaque année de début mars à fin mai. Plusieurs observateurs effectuent le suivi quotidiennement, du lever au coucher du soleil. Le protocole utilisé est comparable à celui en vigueur sur les cols basques (Transpyr).

Sortie observation des oiseaux migrateurs "Le Retour d'Afrique"

Après une marche d'environ 45 minutes nous observerons et compterons les derniers oiseaux migrateurs à traverser notre département. Au mois de mai ce sont surtout les bondrées apivores et les guêpiers d'Europe, mais aussi des martinets et hirondelles. D'autres oiseaux, passereaux et rapaces locaux sont visibles autour du site .

MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

Cada año, en motivo del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias, MónNatura Delta del Ebro oferece actividades especiales entorno a las aves para fomentar la conservación estas especies de aves y de sus hábitats.





Sábado 13 de mayo

11: 30h - "Nidos de pájaros" - Taller infantil donde se construirá una caja-nido para poder colgar en el jardín o terraza. 

12: 30h - Charla "¿Qué hacer si nos encontramos un pájaro salvaje herido o enfermo? a cargo de los Agentes rurales. 


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