Media Event

Oiseaux des zones humides - Birds in wetlands

Lycée d'Awaé will show a documentary about birds in wetlands. Additionally, posters about wetlands and birds in their environment will be placed in schools and on strategic points in Awaé making students and people aware about this topic.

World Migratory Bird Day in Iraq

In May 2011 Nature Iraq has arranged several activities, including:

  • Birdwatching and Bird Training;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Bird related public awareness raising.

Nature Iraq will have an exhibition at the French cultural center in Erbil, and an event/lecture (from 14th-16th of May) highlighting the migratory routes through Iraq and the Iraqi marshlands.

Celebration of WMBD

This WMBD event in Egypt includes birdwatching campaigns, school visits to do some eductional activities and to distribute information materials and also news paper press releases.

Birdwatching, awareness raising activities & media event at Loktak Lake

On the occassion of WMBD 2011, the media should be sensitized for WMBD and migratory birds at Imphal. Another part of the programme will be awareness raising activities addressing students and young school children around the peripherial areas of the Loktak Lake, which will be followed by birdwatching activities and a photo competition.

Visits to schools to give talks awareness

Awareness talks about the importance of preserving natural areas as an effective way to protect biodiversity, focusing on migratory birds arriving in Jujuy.

Birds on air

Each week Rénatura is on air to make people aware about biodiversity and the protection of endangered animals. This week the subject will be migratory birds and the dangers of land use change. We will also talk about bird's record and tell some African tales.

Screening of the movie "Winged Migration"

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat, as one of the organizers of World Migratory Bird Day, will screen the movie "Winged Migration". Invited are staff members of the United Nations that are based in the offices in Bonn.

Fête de le Nature

Within the framework of the "Fête de la Nature" organized by the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Stenay and CPIE, the CAREX association will present the various birds specific of the wet zones, the ecological interest of these circles and their interview (maintenance) or arrangement(development) and their indispensable preservation. This day will be organized in the form of a "Rally" in the middle of a territory "NATURA 2000" with all the local participants.

Mauritanie carrefour des oiseaux migrateurs

La Mauritanie, un pays de rencontres:
La Mauritanie est depuis des siècles un carrefour de cultures, point de passage obligatoire des caravanes entre l’Afrique et la Méditerranée, croisement d’influences paléarctiques et afro-tropicales. Les zones humides mauritaniennes sont les premières à accueillir les oiseaux migrateurs du Nord en automne, qui se mélangent pendant l’hiver avec des oiseaux d'origines tropicales qui réalisent eux aussi des migrations régionales Sud - Nord.


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